Party Poker is arguably one of the biggest names in online poker and has been for many years. When it launched back in 2001, it quickly became a trusted brand and quickly grew its player base as players from all over the world came to play. However, Party Poker realized that the American market would be their greatest source of revenue so they decided to sponsor the World Poker Tour when the poker boom started. The two brands quickly became synonymous with each other as both brands grew in stature.

Arguably Party Poker was hit the hardest but the UIGEA bill, due to its focus on attracting an American audience, but in 2011 it merged with betting behemoth Bwin which created the largest publicly traded gaming company in the world. When the two companies merged, Party Poker ran its client on Bwin software, which has gone through some dramatic changes over the years and is now one of the best-looking clients on the market.

Pros and Cons

Party Poker is a site that has been around for a long time and has learned how to do a lot of things well in that time. However, no site is perfect, and while there are a lot of pros to playing on Party Poker there are some cons too. We wouldn’t be doing our job properly if we didn’t give you the full lowdown on the good side and the bad side of a site before you decide to join up.

  • Fantastic Rakeback Program
  • Big Name Brand
  • Great Looking Software
  • High Traffic
  • Satellites to Live Events
  • No Cryptocurrency Options
  • HUDs Are Banned

Poker Game Selection

When a site is consistently near the top of the poker traffic rankings as Party Poker is, you know you’ll have no trouble finding a game to play. The variants that are currently offered on the site are No-Limit Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha, Pot Limit Omaha Hi-Lo, No Limit Short Deck, and Fixed Limit Hold’em. Short Deck is a relatively new game in the poker world and has been taking the high-stakes games by storm. It is played similarly to Texas Hold’em except the 2s, 3s, 4s, and 5s have been removed from the deck (making it a short deck), and flushes beat full houses due to how hard they are to make.

Not many sites are offering Short Deck to its players so this definitely makes Party Poker stand out from the crowd.

Cash Games

Party Poker has a terrific cash game scene, thanks in part to its generous loyalty program that encourages players to put in a lot of hours at the tables. It is also one of the few sites that offer heads-up tables to its players – a game type that has unfortunately been dying out over the past few years. Almost all of the tables aside from the heads-up tables are 6max, 6max being the only table size option for Short Deck and Fixed Limit Hold’em. The only exception to the table sizes is in No-Limit Hold’em where there are 8max tables but these do not see the traffic that the 6max tables do.

One of the features that Party Poker offers on some of its PLO and No-Limit Hold’em cash games is a Real Name Table option. On these tables, players don’t use their screen names, but their real names that they used when they signed up to the site. The logic behind it is that players are far less likely to berate and abuse each other in chat when they’re not able to hide behind a screen name. There are also options for ante tables in PLO and No-Limit Hold’em if players want to experience a less-solved, more-action game.

The cash games for PLO and No-Limit Hold’em run from as low as $0.01/$0.02, all the way up to $50/$100. There is always great action at the lower-stakes games but even the higher stakes do see a decent amount of traffic. Fixed Limit Hold’em runs from $0.25/$0.50 up to $30/60, but this game is one of the lowest traffic games on the site due to it no longer being 1980. Short Deck has a different blind scheme than the other games and has a narrower range of buy-in levels but there are currently 5 different buy-in levels where players can buy in from $2 up to $500. 

Party Poker also has its own version of fast-fold poker which it calls Fast-forward. In this game, players are grouped into pools based on the stake level they wish to play at and are assigned a table at random. Once a player folds, that player is then taken from that table and sat at a different, random table with five other players. This is great for players who want to play a lot of poker in a short space of time as you don’t have to sit around and wait for the hand to be over once you’ve folded.

Fast-forward is offered for both No-Limit Hold’em and Pot-Limit Omaha, though most of the traffic is in the Hold’em games. The stakes run from $0.01/$0.02 up to $2.50/$5 for both game types. You’ll find that most of the action is at the lower-stakes games although the higher-stakes ones do get a decent amount of traffic during peak times.

Sit and Gos

Party Poker’s sit and go lobby is very focused on the 1 table No-Limit Hold’em set up. They don’t offer any of the 18 man or 27 man SNGs that some sites offer, nor do they offer SNGs in any game variant other than No-Limit Hold’em. However, if you’re a fan of No-Limit Hold’em SNGs, there’s a wide range to choose from.

They have table sizes from heads-up to 9 handed, so no matter how many players you prefer to play with, there’s an option for you. They have Double Up SNGs, Triple Up SNGs, Turbo SNGs, Hyper-Turbo SNGs, Progressive KO SNGs, and Super KO SNGs – some of which are hard to find on other poker sites these days. The only negative I would highlight is that all of the sit and gos on Party Poker are turbo or hyper turbo with no option for longer blind length tournaments. The buy-ins range from $1 all the way up to $1000; however, the 6max SNGs stop running at the $200 buy-in level and it’s the heads-up games that make up the $500 and $1000 buy-in levels.

Party Poker also has its own version of the Jackpot SNG with its “Spins” games. Players can choose from a range of 10 buy-in levels with the chance to win 10,000x their buy-in! For the uninitiated, a Jackpot SNG sits three players at a table, and the prize is chosen at random before they start playing. It could be as low as 2x their buy-in, but it could go as high as 10,000x! The buy-ins range from $0.25 up to $500, but the $5 buy-in, as well as the $100, $250, and $500 buy-ins, give the player the chance to play for a $1,000,000 prize pool! Party Poker even run an “Ultra” version of the SNG, with a faster blind structure and shorter starting stack, for players who want to get through as many as they can.

Poker Tournaments

One of the things this site is best known for is its fantastic tournament schedule. There are plenty of great value tournaments being run every day and there seems to always be some kind of series going on that offers even bigger guarantees than the one before! Party Poker offers millions of dollars in guarantees to its players every week so it’s clear to see why players come to check out the tournaments they have on offer.

One of its highlights has to be The Grand. This one is for the high rollers among you, as it’s a $1050 buy-in but has a whopping $150,000 guarantee! This is the tournament that kicks off the Sunday of Super Daily Legends tournaments, and it does so in style. Don’t worry if your bankroll can’t quite afford that, you can qualify for it through Phase tournaments for as little as $2.20 – with even the chance to satellite into that $2.20 tournament for as low as $0.22!

For the PLO fans, you’ll be sure to want to play the Chieftain – a $55 buy-in with a $4K guarantee on Sundays. While a $4K guarantee for a tournament might not sound like much these days, it’s important to remember that on most sites PLO tournaments don’t get guarantees at all due to how few people play them. Tournaments like this as well as the others in the Daily Legends series offer great value for players no matter what buy-in level you play.

Party Poker has also recently introduced on-demand tournaments to its line-up, where a tournament will start playing as soon as 8 people have registered for it. They have a lot of confidence that these will be a popular product as they’ve put a guarantee on these tournaments, even though they could start at any time! As well as the regular tournaments, Party Poker has an impressive range of Satellite tournaments to prestigious live events such as the Irish Open and the Millions Series. These satellites give you the chance to play in these events for just a couple of bucks, and potentially be able to win a life-changing amount of money.

Bonus and Promotions

Even online poker rooms as big as Party Poker need to offer bonuses and promotions to make sure they stay at the top of the online poker food chain. A lot of sites are judged not only on their welcome bonus but on the promotions/offers that they give to their continuing players –  if a site doesn’t treat their regulars well, why should people play on it? Here’s what we found when we investigated the current promotions that Party Poker has to offer

Welcome Bonus

Keeping in line with the majority of online poker rooms, Party Poker has a matched deposit bonus for its new customers. This bonus will match 100% of a player’s deposit, up to the value of £400. On top of that, they’re giving away up to 6 days worth of free Spins and MTT tickets with a value of £40 to go with your bonus. Players must accumulate 4x the value of their deposit in loyalty points to receive the full amount. The bonus is released in 10% increments, so if you deposited £400, you would need to accumulate 1600 loyalty points for it to be fully released, and you would get your first £40 of the bonus after you’ve accumulated 160 loyalty points. You have 90 days to accumulate the bonus points required so you have a lot of time to rack up those points.

Sit and Go Leaderboards

Party Poker is offering three different prize leaderboards for its sit-and-go players; one for its Spins SNGs, one for its Spins Ultra SNGs, and one for its regular sit-and-go players. The prizes that players can win in these leaderboards are P$ or Party dollars which can be used to buy into any format of poker you wish. Both the Spins and Spins Ultra have P$8.5K up for grabs over the course of a week split between 5 different leaderboards as follows:

  • Micro $0.25 & $1 – $300
  • Small $3 & $5 – $750
  • Low $10 & $20 – $2150
  • Mid $50 & $100 – $3100
  • High $250 & $500 – $2200

The sit-and-go leaderboard does things a little differently. Instead of doing a weekly leaderboard, it has daily leaderboards of P$1.75K that run from Monday to Friday, then a combined weekend leaderboard of P$3.5K.


When you play real money cash games on Party Poker, you’re rewarded with loyalty points which are used to measure the amount of rakeback you’re given that week. The rakeback is given out in a milestone format, so once you’ve hit the first milestone of 25 points, you’ll earn $5 for that week. In order to earn more rakeback, you need to hit the next milestone of 50 points to win $10. If you only reach 49 points by the end of the week, you’re considered to have not reached the next milestone and you’ll only be given the reward for your first milestone – $5.

The percentage of your rake you get back starts at 20% but increases as you rake more, with the cap being 40% once you reach 1200 loyalty points. Points are generated at 1 point per $1 raked so it’s very easy to keep track of how much you’ve been raked and how much money you’re getting back. If you qualify for a milestone, the money is deposited directly into your account at the end of each week – you don’t need to opt in or anything like that in order to claim it.

Boosted Hours

In conjunction with the already generous rakeback offer that Party Poker has, they have special Boosted Hours for their fast-forward and sit-and-go players that increase the number of reward points they get for playing. The fast-forward players get their points boosted to 2x for 4 hours a day, twice a day – between the hours of midnight and 4am BST, and between 1pm and 5pm BST. The sit-and-go players are currently getting their points boosted 1.5x 24 hours a day on any sit-and-go they play with a buy-in of $20 or over. If you want to take advantage of this great sit-and-go offer, you need to opt in once and then you’re good to go.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

If you’re looking to deposit and withdraw money from Party Poker, there are a range of options you can choose from. However, if you’re a crypto bro/bro-ette, you’re going to be disappointed as cryptocurrency is not currently supported by Party Poker. They do support a range of eWallets including Paypal, Skrill, and MuchBetter as well as the usual bank transfer and bank wires.

Unfortunately, while researching this section, we couldn’t find a lot of information on the maximum deposit and withdrawal limits for each of the payment methods, as they seem to vary from person to person and country to country. However, for the sake of full openness, I will be listing the deposit limits for each payment method that I have on my account. Bear in mind that I am from the UK and have been playing on Party Poker for a few years – your mileage may vary!

Deposit Method

Min Deposit

Max Deposit

Visa, Skrill, Neteller, Skrill 1 tap,


£29,676.29 per day




Paysafe Card






Trustly Bank Transfer






Apple Pay & Luxor Pay



As you can see – the deposit limits are very random numbers and from what I’ve been able to find these are unlikely to be the same for you! However, saying that, no one I know has had any trouble with getting money onto Party Poker so the maximum limits are likely pretty high. Another great thing about Party Poker is that there are no fees for depositing onto the site – so every penny that comes out of your account goes into your Party Poker account.

Withdrawal Method

Min Withdrawal

Max Withdrawal

Skrill, Neteller, Skrill 1 tap, PayPal, and MuchBetter



Visa & Mastercard



Paysafe Card



Bank Transfer



Apple Pay & Luxor Pay



Unfortunately, the withdrawal information is even harder to find than the deposit information! As such, we’ve had to piece together the information from second-hand accounts so the information may not be 100% accurate. However, comparing the maximum amounts to those we’ve on other sites, we feel they’re not far off. One positive that we were able to find is that Party Poker doesn’t charge fees for any of its withdrawal methods, though the payment provider may have their own charges.

Mobile Gaming

Unlike a lot of online poker sites, Party Poker has a fully functioning mobile application that needs to be downloaded in order to play from your phone. If you got to the party poker website from a phone or tablet device, you’ll be prompted to download the application. There is an app for both android and iOS devices so whichever one you have you’ll be able to play. Once you download and open the app you can choose to create an account or you can log in with an existing Party Poker account.

The design of the lobby is reminiscent of the old Party Poker software design and as such isn’t the best to look at. In a time when dark mode is the preferred color theme for most apps, their bright white and silver design seems exceedingly bright. However, the functionality of the app almost matches that of the desktop software, with the full range of cash games and tournaments available from the app. The app even makes it easy to multi-table with a dedicated space on the left-hand side of the table layout that shows all your active tables.

If you’re someone who loves to play poker on the go, the Party Poker app is functionally one of the best on the market.

Customer Service Options

One of the best things about playing on a great brand name like Party Poker is that you know that they’re going to have stellar customer support – a brand doesn’t get this good of a reputation if it doesn’t look after its customers. You can contact them by email by filling out a form on their customer support page if your query isn’t urgent and most of the time you can expect to hear back from a team member within 24 hours.

If you need to speak to someone right away, they have a live chat feature on their site where a customer service representative will be available 24/7 for you to talk to. They also have a toll-free support number if you’d prefer to speak with a representative that way. The customer support team has always been extremely helpful when dealing with any issues and there isn’t usually much of a wait to get through to one of them. If you have a problem, they’ll be able to resolve it for you.

Phone: Call this toll-free number to speak to a representative at 00-800-7278-9100

Email: Fill in the form on the customer support website or email them directly at info@partypoker.com

Live Chat: Click the “Live Chat” button on the customer support page and a customer support window will pop up where you can speak with a representative.

What Makes this Poker Site Unique 

Party Poker is one of those sites that doesn’t have a lot of features that are unique to its site in order to attract players; instead, it focuses on the core features of an online poker site and polishes them to perfection. If you had to choose one thing that makes it stand out above its competitors it would have to be its rakeback offer.

With enough volume, you can get 40% of the money you were raked over the week deposited back into your account as cash. Not only that, but for certain game types, it gives you the chance to boost the number of points you get – giving you an even better chance of reaching an even higher percentage of your rake back.


When reviewing a site such as Party Poker that has the history that it does as well as the fantastic reputation, it’s hard to know what to say about it that people don’t already know. Instead, you end up reminding yourself about just how great this site is, with a fantastic amount of cash games, sit and gos, and tournaments that are boosted by the high amount of traffic it gets, as well as its great leaderboard promotions that encourage players to play all different kinds of games.

Its rakeback promotion is arguably one of the best in online poker with the possibility of earning 40% of your weekly rake back as cash, but that wouldn’t attract so many players if their software wasn’t so good-looking and easy to use. With an option to play on the go while still having access to the full functionality of the site, as well as a helpful customer service team that is always available to you, you find yourself being reminded why this is one of the giants of the online poker world.

Whether you’re just beginning your poker career, only play for fun, or play for profit, you can’t go far wrong by choosing to play on Party Poker.

Party Poker FAQs