HCL's Million Dollar Game

It’s going to be a must-see poker TV, with some exciting poker played at the highest stakes, and players who only know how to grab headlines, create controversy, or stir up some streaming trouble. Who are the players that have confirmed so far for the latest Hustler Casino Live Million Dollar Game, and what do they bring to the party?

1. Stanley Tang

Stanley Tang

The Door Dash founder, known for making moves faster than anyone away from the table, was embroiled in a number of juicy pots in the most recent season of High Stakes Poker on PokerGO. One thing is for sure: Tang is afraid of no-one, and having amassed a $2.2 billion fortune at the age of 31, why would he be? Here he is attempting an audacious bluff against the legendary Tom Dwan on HSP earlier in the season.

2. ‘JR’

Justyn Howard

Little is known in the poker world about the popular businessman, but he loves the trash talk and has already played on the HCL stream before. On his last visit, he raised wildly with ace-five of spades, happy to get the lot in pre-flop, running it once against his opponent’s ace-ten of diamonds. With $120,000 on the line, JR was the picture of calm as he managed a chop pot.

3. Double M

Double M from Hustlers Casino

This hedge fund manager from New York may be a Princeton graduate, but that isn’t the most impressive thing about him. Clearly mega-rich, this man who took a bite out of the Big Apple is easy to tilt and will not baulk at anyone else’s poker style. No-one is running him over on the trading floor or at the felt.

4. ‘Blank Check Ben’

One of the most popular regulars on the HCL stream, ‘Blank Cheque’ Ben, is an entrepreneur and business investor whose presence brightens any table. Always in amongst it, he has a dry wit and a quick tongue, as proven by his part in breaking news on the Nick Vertucci Podcast. Despite having the comfort to say what he likes, Ben is something of a diplomat, always choosing to keep the peace where he can. An emotional player, he only plays on the HCL stream and might be the peacekeeper once the chips start flying!

5. Eric Persson

Eric Persson

The biggest draw for fans in the game is undoubtedly Eric Persson, a.k.a. the man who flicked the double-bird at Phil Hellmuth during their infamous heads-up battle at the WSOP. Persson has used that 15 minutes of fame to spin up a cash game rep for being able to play at the highest stakes, but we’re yet to be convinced of his long-term success. The Maverick Casino owner is undoubtedly box office, however, and never plays small, having cultivated a persona that is larger than life. His bet sizes are the same, but away from the felt, he’s recently opened a restaurant in Summerlin and is way more friendly to meet.

6. Brandon Steven

Brandon Steven in front of a skyscraper

Brandon Steven is big in business, selling a lot of cars for a living. He owns 19 dealerships and 60 health clubs, showing that he’s not only a petrolhead, but health-conscious as well. Along with his main business interests, the real estate developer enjoys playing poker and is considered one of the best players in the million-dollar game, with over $6 million in live ranking tournaments alone. Steven is also an accomplished cash game player, especially in those nosebleed private games. He will be one to watch and is likely to make few mistakes on the night.

7. Nik Airball

nick airball

A high-profile bust-up with Matt Berkey has given everyone the perfect opportunity to get to know Nik Airball. The highly controversial figure known as “Nikasso” may be a victim of circumstance or go looking for trouble, but either way, the pots involving him are likely to be must-see when he joins the cast of the million-dollar game. Providing a quote for the game’s Twitter poster featuring his image, Nik declared: “Game plan? Cover everyone, put everyone to the test.” It’s guaranteed to provide fireworks.

8. Prince Charles

Prince Charles is a crypto God and has set about playing the HCL stream as if his last blockchain strategy relies upon the outcome. Fiercely competitive, he frequently straddles blind and pays big pots on the stream. Firing almost any time he hits, he is the definition of a loose opponent who can get extreme value from made hands, such as in this pot where he takes Blank Cheque Ben for a half-million-dollar pot with middle set.

9. Ethan ‘Rampage’ Yau

Ethan Yau Rampage

A bona fide poker superstar, Ethan ‘Rampage’ Yau is an award-winning poker YouTuber and a poker personality that will rise highest no matter who he shares the table with. Just a few weeks ago, Yau won not one but two Global Poker Awards and he’s since being recognized for who he is – one of the biggest superstars of the modern age. Born with a ready wit, Yau is gold dust for marketers and has since been snapped up by the World Poker Tour, who announced him as an ambassador for the brand recently (see right).

10. Rob Yong

Rob Yong

Rob Yong, well known in Europe, is the owner of the Dusk Till Dawn poker club in Nottingham, which is the second-largest poker room in Europe, behind King’s Casino in Prague. DTD (short for Dusk Till Dawn) shows Yong’s passion for poker is legendary, and he’s become a regular at high stakes. Formerly affiliated with partypoker, Yong is now back under his own steam, and the club goes from strength to strength while he recently became a father. Did anyone say nappy fund? Yong is listed to play all three days on the stream.

11. Chamath Palihapitiya

chamath palihapitiya playing poker

Chamath Palihapitiya, a king of the tech world, is known simply as “Chamath” and can count some of poker’s finest among his many friends. The podcaster lives on the curve of current technologies, insights, and investments and is a close personal ally of a certain Phil Hellmuth. Much calmer than the Poker Brat and keenly aware of changing situations in the working world, nothing will faze the billionaire who used to work at Facebook and is often in the same private cash games as the aforementioned 16-time WSOP bracelet winner. He gets a thumbs up from us.

12. Mikki Mase

Mikki Mase holding a stack of cash

Known in the poker world as a gambling degenerate, Mikki Mase’s moniker of ‘Dirty Goth Boi’ is wholly appropriate. Uncompromising to a fault, the tattooed friend to the stars is a self-confessed exile from Las Vegas. He was banned from Vegas casinos after his antics in baccarat. However, he has recently taken on other streamers on the HCL stream, holding his own and proving that his lively persona is no obstacle to maintaining a fine temperament at the table.

With millions at stake and crazy poker action guaranteed, the latest Hustler Casino Live Million Dollar Game is going to be a spectacular series.

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