High-level poker players will tell you that fine margins separate them from the rest of the pack. The most successful players make the most of their resources and constantly look to improve their overall game and optimize their surroundings.

So what can a player do outside of practice and preparation to give themselves an extra mental edge? This is where tech comes in.

Whether you need to block out distractions, protect your eyesight, or ensure you don’t have to deal with laptop connectivity issues, we’re here to help. Make your life easier and improve your overall poker game with this list of gear every poker player should own.


Headphones laying on a lap top

Headphones are a poker player’s best friend. Poker is a very solitary game, and many players like to eliminate distractions from the outside world as much as possible. So whether it’s getting yourself in the right mindset before a game or concentrating during play, avoiding unnecessary distractions can be a lifesaver.

There are plenty of top-quality headphones on the market for players. However, we prefer over-the-ear options for improved sound quality and to let other people know you’re in the zone and don’t want any distractions.


Man with blue shirt wearing a VR headset

What the future of online gambling looks like is up for discussion. Still, one element most people can agree on is the rise of virtual reality. VR has become increasingly relevant in the modern world, and I wager that it will only be a matter of time before it becomes more commonplace in online poker.

Many operators have already begun to embrace virtual reality and the experience that it can provide. A top-quality VR headset will allow you to compete with other poker players and get an immersive poker experience from the comfort of your own home.


blue glasses in front of a laptop

Okay, so this isn’t strictly a piece of technology, but it pairs perfectly well with all the technology you need. Bluelight glasses protect your eyes when you’ve been playing online for hours on end. They will reduce the impact of the screen glare on your eyes, help protect your eye health, and prevent headaches and migraines.


A phone with a wireless charger on a yellow background

Let’s be honest; even if you’re not a poker player, a portable charger can be an absolute lifesaver. These handy little gadgets can get you out of a squeeze, and it’s worth making a small investment. This is especially true for poker players, who may be playing online in a location without an available power source or need an emergency charge during a day-long live event. New battery packs are USB-C friendly and can even charge laptops now, so you’re good to go with all your gear.


An adjustable standing desk

If you spend large portions of time playing poker on your computer, you’ll want to ensure you look after your posture. As a writer, I know all about the need to look after myself when sitting at a computer all day, and an adjustable standing desk can make a huge difference.

Reduced back pain and improved posture are just two benefits of playing poker at a standing desk. Studies have also shown that they reduce blood sugar levels and burn more calories. As a result, you’ll find that many popular online poker players and streamers will use standing desks.

We recommend making sure your desk is adjustable and easy to move around. If you’re having a super-long session, a change of scenery can also help to mix things up and change your mindset.


All the pieces of technology we’ve listed are designed to boost your overall poker experience, whether online or in-person. Some may not be as necessary as others, so your mileage may vary depending on your lifestyle. Just remember, poker may be a battle of wills, but it’s a war of the mind even before you sit down at the table, so takes the necessary steps to boost your overall performance.

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Liam began his writing career in the mid-2010s, starting as a full-time sports journalist before moving into the world of iGaming and poker. In 2020, Liam published his first book, “Stay Lucky: A Complete Guide to Online Sports Betting.” He has worked with many top publications and companies, including, The Game Day, Casino Guru, and more.

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