Over the past couple of years, the Hustler Casino Live stream has been an incredible watch for poker fans. From the best in the poker world to superstar games packed with the world’s hottest trending celebrities, HCL streams have become some of the best and most-watched poker content ever produced.

But which ones have been the best streams so far?

The Poker Brat Gets Ninja’d  

Back in 2022, some of the world’s biggest names on and off the felt gathered as Phil Hellmuth was steaming at a certain blue-haired punk! That guy was Ninja, a.k.a. Tyler Blevins, and across an incredible few hours of poker, the biggest name in video games actually got the better of Hellmuth on a number of occasions.

One particular hand went viral overnight. The Poker Brat was well ahead of Ninja, who needed to hit a ten on the river to survive. “I’d suck a *** for a ten,” announced Blevins, standing up. Sure enough, a ten landed on fifth street to sent the table into raptures of both laughter and applause as The Poker Brat looked ready to explode.

Just a few months later, he and Ninja partnered up on the merch front, with the 17-time WSOP bracelet winner Hellmuth now an active partner in Ninja’s Nutcase almond milk chocolate milkshake business. Here’s the first time the pair met, however, as a sensational night of poker action featured a hand that will never be forgotten.

Neymar, Ninja and Bilzerian Clash at the Felt

A table full of superstars took to the cash game felt this week as Brazilian soccer star Neymar, Fortnite legend Ninja, Miami Heat basketball star Jimmy Butler, American boxer Ryan Garcia, cash game legend Alan Keating and Dan ‘Blitz’ Bilzerian were among the players to take to the Hustler Casino Live felt.

Millions of dollars were on the line in Los Angeles on the Hustler Casino Live stream as some of the biggest names in the world of celebrity went from the red carpet to the poker felt as they battled for supremacy in Texas No Limit Hold’em. From Dan Bilzerian to Alan Keating, Brazilian soccer legend Neymar to Fortnite professional and Nutcase pioneer Ninja a.k.a. Tyler Blevins, the stars came out and did battle, with over 600,000 poker fans already having watched the footage.

“I can’t wait – the first time was unforgettable.” Said Ninja before the session. “I feel like the vibe is going to be a little bit different.”

Chris Eubank Junior, a British boxer of huge reputation, was bullish when it came to his chances.

“I think the bullets are going to get sent. There’s going to be a lot of big pots,” he said. “In the high stakes community, I’m known as the second-best player, just behind Phil Ivey.”

That remark was tongue in cheek but Eubank more than held his own at the felt. With Neymar in great form, Bilzerian promising to play “between 97% and 99% of pots” and both Jimmy Butler and Jon Vlogs ending the night with over six figures on the felt some way back from the biggest winner, its unmissable poker!

Robbi Jade Lew and ‘The Jack-Four’

The most infamous stream in Hustler Casino Live might well be the most-viewed of all-time. Garrett Adelstein bluffed before Robbi Jade Lew called with just jack-four for jack-high. Adelstein asked for the pot back, the poker industry divided into doubters or believer and Robbi Jade Lew faced a social media storm to clear her name.

A lie detector test later, it is arguably Lew who has come out of the poker scandal in better shape than Adelstein, who took some serious time off before focusing on his family and becoming a father.

Now back in the cash game streets, Adelstein and Lew might cross paths again at the felt, but it hasn’t happened yet. The first time Adelstein got back into cash games was earlier this year. He took part in a live-streamed poker game for the first time in 18 months and won one of the biggest hands of the night with… yes, you’ve guessed it – jack-four!

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