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In this blog, we’ll be diving into the top 5 tracking software options for online poker players, to help you choose the best tool to take your game to the next level. From advanced analysis features to user-friendly interfaces, we’ve got you covered. Before we break down the top 5 sites to use for tracking software, we’ll look at what you should consider before utilizing this online self-improvement poker program.

What Should You Consider About Tracking Software?

When considering purchasing tracking software, there are key features to keep in mind:

  • It’s important to know which features apply to your specific needs. Different programs cater to varying levels of expertise, ranging from beginner to intermediate to advanced. It’s essential to allocate yourself to a player level and be honest about your skill level. Don’t opt for an advanced package if you’ve only just started playing, and similarly, a beginner program might not be suitable if you’re already factoring in merged ranges and your own VPIP.
  • Additionally, it’s important to consider other features of tracking software programs that suit your needs and are easy to use. Take note of which statistics are automatically generated and how much work is required to get your HUD (Heads-Up Display) showing the exact information you require.
  • Finally, consider what you hope to gain from using tracking software in your game and take into account the experiences of others who have purchased each package before making your decision.

The Best Tracking Software

Poker Tracker 4

Poker Tracker 4 software

Poker Tracker 4 is the most advanced and comprehensive poker HUD on the market, and it can be downloaded in various ways. The Hold’em package is priced at $99.99 for the full package and just $64.99 for the ‘Small Stakes’ version, which doesn’t support all stakes in its programs. Similarly, the same cost and scale are applicable in Omaha. However, if you want to purchase a complete package for both Hold’em and Omaha, it’s priced at $159.99 for the full package and $99.99 for the lower-priced alternative. While it’s not allowed to share registration codes, every PokerTracker 4 registration code can be installed on two computers simultaneously.

Poker Tracker 4 offers numerous ways to improve your game, with a tailored HUD that you can customize to your preferences. With 12 months of free customer service support and updates, Poker Tracker 4 is the most popular HUD worldwide, and it’s easy to see why. It’s compatible with Windows and Mac and works on 27 poker sites as of the time of writing, with a live LeakTracker program to help players avoid costly mistakes in real-time.

Holdem Manager 3

Holdem Manager 3

Holdem Manager 3 is another hugely popular Heads-Up Display program, with a 15-year history in the game and a reputable image for providing instant help to players of intermediate level among beginner and advanced users. Holdem Manager 3 appeals to all players but comes at a significant cost, with the ‘Small Stakes’ Hold’em package priced at $60, Hold’em and Omaha at Small Stakes at $100, and the larger Hold’em version priced at $100 as well. The full Hold’em and Omaha package costs $160.

With a year of technical support and assistance on the innovations and updates that HM3 provides during the initial purchase period, Holdem Manager 3 is cutting-edge technology that can elevate your poker game to the next level. You can filter out hands that you want to scrutinize further.
Holdem Manager 3 is a well-integrated program with high functionality during the game. It wasn’t always the case, and its back catalog of previous versions has helped refine its abilities to this level of slick professionalism. The program’s aim is to give your poker game a shot in the arm, and after 15 years in the making, Holdem Manager 3 is a wise purchase that has been translated into multiple languages to assist players worldwide.



Hand2Note is a newly introduced HUD, which has garnered phenomenal support and is equipped with a cutting-edge program that could very well be the future of poker tracking software. Its dynamic and sleek appearance, coupled with its intuitive performance, make it an enticing option for players looking to invest in their game. While Hand2Note’s base package is free, it offers add-on packages that are worth considering for players seeking to make the most of its perks. The Asia package costs $29.90 per month, with the EDGE add-on available for an additional $19.90 per month. The PRO add-on, which includes both Asia and EDGE benefits, is $59 per month, but there’s a current offer that reduces the cost to $49 per month.

With features like the Auto HUD, which dynamically determines the best HUD for every specific situation, Hand2Note is a program that’s sure to evolve through several iterations during its time in the market. Its innovative program is compatible with over 50 poker rooms and comes with customized stats, 24/7 chat support from the creators, and unlimited stakes. Despite not being the cheapest option out there, Hand2Note’s impressive capabilities and future potential make it a compelling new player in the world of poker tracking software.


DriveHud software

If you are a beginner looking for a decent all-round poker tracking software to try, DriveHUD is an excellent option. With its Micro Stakes package starting at a reasonable price of $19.99 for a one-year license, DriveHUD is a pick-up-and-go choice for first-timers. This package includes stats and details relayed from cash games up to $0.05/$0.10 and tournaments up to $10 in buy-ins.

As you progress and want to invest more in your poker game, the Small Stakes program is available for $39.99 for a one-year license, allowing you to play cash games up to $0.50/$1 and tournaments with buy-ins up to $33. For players who play at unlimited stakes, the Pro Version of DriveHUD is available at a cost of $99.99 for a 12-month license.

Created by professional poker players, DriveHUD has access to hundreds of poker sites, including popular ones such as PokerStars, Bovada, and Americas Cardroom (ACR). With a 30-day free trial and sleek graphics, DriveHUD is a user-friendly option for players, as long as they have 4GB of free space on their operating system.


There are various ways to approach purchasing tracking software, and it’s up to you to customize your wishlist based on your own priorities, whether that be history, features, price, or value. Each of these aspects might hold importance to you at different stages of your poker journey, so there isn’t a right or wrong way to select which poker tracking software to invest in. Keep in mind that it’s an investment that takes time to get the best out of, and the effort you put in will guide what you get out of it.

Overall, we recommend Poker Tracker 4 or Holdem Manager 3 if you’re seeking a reliable and proven platform for HUD statistics. If you’re focused on quickly improving your game and are willing to invest in a monthly subscription, Hand2Note might be the program for you. Beginners will naturally gravitate towards DriveHUD, which offers a reasonably priced, all-around package for first-timers.

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