In poker, you’re allowed to talk at the table so it’s a lot more friendly, whereas with chess nobody talks, and it tends to get super serious.


  • Became a chess streamer and hit mega-fame after The Queen’s Gambit aired on Netflix
  • Bluffed her poker hero Maria Ho on PokerStars Mystery Cash Challenge
  • Crushed cash games on Hustler Casino Live
  • Signed by GGPoker as Global Poker Ambassador


After signing to the Texas-based esports organization Envy Gaming in 2020, Botez was eventually approached to play poker in live games and did so with aplomb, crushing on Hustler Casino Live against her fellow streamers. Botez won a cool $456,900 in a session in 2022, which featured fellow streamers along with poker professionals.

Starring in the PokerStars series Mystery Cash Challenge, Botez took big pots off heroes such as Maria Ho and shared table banter with others such as Sam Grafton. Holding her own as a poker personality was easy, but Botez was also showing that she has some serious crossover talent and rumors abounded of ‘Stars making her an ambassador.

As it happened, GGPoker beat PokerStars to the punch, signing Botez as their newest ambassador after Daniel Negreanu, her Dad’s favorite in her younger years, introducing her as a colleague. For Alexandra Botez, it was a dream come true, but for fans of the newest poker superstar, it may be a dream that is just beginning.

Alexandra Botez in Action

Three videos of Alexandra Botez on scroll, including her run in the 2023 WSOP Main Event, playing in a live-streamed cash game on Hustler Casino Live and taking part in the PokerStars Mystery Cash Challenge!

Alexandra Botez shot to fame after high-profile in cash games with streamers as well as coming 1,029th in the 2023 Main Event!

Dollar Sign Dollar Sign


  • Live Earnings: $59,165
  • Ranking Event Wins: 1
  • Biggest Win: $17,500 (World Series of PokerMain Event/2023)

Paul seaton


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