From Daniel Negreanu to Jeremy Ausmus, the calibre of players on show in this year’s PGT Mixed Games Series festival has been super high. Eight events into the Championship, no-one has won more than one event and that has made the closest race for the overall title ever in this event series’ history. Events #5 – #8 have seen some of the best poker players in the world climb the rankings… but who will win?

Event #5 Won by First Time Winner John Racener for $151,000

As the PGT Mixed Games Series reached its halfway stage, John Racener took the title in the $10,200 Triple Stud Mix event to win his first-ever PokerGO Tour trophy. The American professional, well known for his prowess at the WSOP where he has finished as runner-up in both the Player of the Year race and the WSOP Main Event in separate years, had never won a PGT trophy but can scratch that from his record after taking home $151,200 here.

There were 42 entrants in total in Event #5, with just six making the money. Bubble Boy John Monnette was followed from the felt by min-cashing Dzmitry Urbanovich, who cashed for $25,200. With five left, it was Scott Lake who busted after a long period of trying to ladder. Winning $33,600 in fifth, Lake lost out to ‘Johnny World’ Hennigan as the WSOP legend could sit back and watch as Max Hoffman made a pair of kings to bust Adam Friedman in fourth a score of $46,200.

At that stage, both Racener and Hoffman looked like they were playing second fiddle to Hennigan but ‘Johnny World’ was about to plummet to the bottom of the leaderboard, and lost out in Razz, falling to Racener when the latter drew a four to make the lowest hand on the final draw.

Heads-up, Racener had the momentum and used it to devastating effect after a period where the two men traded the lead. After dropping behind for the final time, Racener doubled up in Stud and continued in the same vein in the same game variant, his made hand forcing Hoffman to draw to a flush on seventh street. The draw missed and Racener was the champion, cashing for $151,200 and picking up the first PGT trophy of his long career.

PGT Mixed Games 2024 Event #5 $10,200 Triple Draw Final Table Results:
1stJohn RacenerUnited States$151,200
2ndMax HoffmanUnited States$100,800
3rdJohn HenniganUnited States$63,000
4thAdam FriedmanUnited States$46,200
5thScott LakeUnited States$33,600
6thDzmitry UrbanovichPoland$25,200

Jerry Wong Wins Event #6 for $164,500

The sixth event of the 2024 PGT Mixed Games Series had 47 entries and saw Jerry Wong  take down the $164,500 top prize as he conquered the $10,200 Triple Draw Mix field. The bubble boy in the event was Brian Yoon who went home after a hand of Badugi went against him, Wong capitalizing to take the lead at a crucial time.

As the final table was reached, Wong had a huge lead, with British player Philip Sternheimer busting in seventh for $18,800 when he lost to Scott Lake. Hal Rotholz went next for $28,200 in sixth after being beaten in Ace-to-5 Triple Draw by John Hennigan, a.k.a. ‘Johnny World’ thanks to his WSOP legend and mixed game prowess.

After Brazilian poker legend Felipe Ramos crashed out in fifth for $37,600, Wong took out Hennigan in a crucial pot that eliminated his most dangerous opponent at the perfect time, although the point Hennigan grabbed out him top of the overall leaderboard despite Wong winning the event

Scott Lake left in third place for $68,150 before Wong used his heads-up lead to reduce Hoffman to shrapnel in Badugi then blow up his chances in Ace-to-5. Wong’s A-8-6-3-2 was good enough to beat Hoffman who drew one with A-6-5-3 but turned over a queen and departed with $103,400 as runner-up.

PGT Mixed Games 2024 Event #6 $10,200 Triple Draw Mix Final Table Results:
1stJerry WongUnited States$164,500
2ndMax HoffmanUnited States$103,400
3rdScott LakeUnited States$68,150
4thJohn HenniganUnited States$49,350
5thFelipe RamosBrazil$37,600
6thHal RotholzUnited States$28,200
7thPhilip SternheimerUnited Kingdom$18,800

Philip Sternheimer Wins Event #7 $164,000 After Defeating Kid Poker

The $10,200 Dealer’s Choice event plenty of drama, not least at the turn of the final day when, with five left at the tail-end of Day 1, Phil Hellmuth refused to play out the level, asking to end play at the designated time with just half a big bet. To some, it looked petty but Hellmuth has utilized a good night’s sleep and a comeback mentality to perform miracles in the past and had every right to call time where he did.

As it happened, Hellmuth couldn’t last any longer, busting in fifth, The Poker Brat seeing his tournament end in Stud when his two pair lost to Maxx Coleman’s superior double. That hand sent Hellmuth to the rail with $37,600 and although it helped Coleman in the moment, not long later, he was watching on from the outside too. Coleman moved all-in for 135,000 chips in Omaha Hi-Lo and was called by Adam Friedman and Daniel Negreanu as the two men looked to take out their opponent.

A ten-high straight for Kid Poker was the superior hand and Coleman took his leave for $49,350 in fourth. Friedman had lost out in that hand and would soon lose all of his chips in third place, all-in in Limit hold’em with ace-queen, called by Sternheimer with ace-king. The board of 7-4-2-6-J was enough to end Freidman’s hopes of another mixed game title and play moved heads-up.

The final duel saw Negreanu take over the lead in the opening stages, a turned two pair – also in Limit Hold’em – good enough to beat Sternheimer’s pocket aces. Two big hands that didn’t go to showdown went the Brit’s way, however, and the lead switched again. Kid Poker was playing catch-up now but unlike Sternheimer, he couldn’t recover. In Stud Hi-Lo, Sternheimer could afford to stand pat on seventh street and when Negreanu didn’t improve, the Canadian was forced to settle for $103,400 in second place.

PGT Mixed Games 2024 Event #7 $10,200 Dealer’s Choice Final Table Results:
1stPhilip SternheimerUnited Kingdom$164,500
2ndDaniel NegreanuCanada$103,400
3rdAdam FriedmanUnited States$68,150
4thMaxx ColemanUnited States$49,350
5thPhil HellmuthUnited States$37,600

Dan Shak Wins Event #8 for $133,000 and First Ever PGT Title

Just 37 entrants took to the felt in the $10,200-entry Big Bet Mix Event #8 and Dan Shak topped them all, winning his first-ever trophy on the PokerGO Tour. With seven reaching the final table, but only six players paid, Event #7 winner Philip Sternheimer bubbled Event #8 for nothing at all – a damaging blow to his overall leaderboard hopes.

WSOP legend John Racener lost to Walter Chambers in Big O before Jerry Wong’s elimination was followed by that of Chambers himself busted in the same discipline, with Racener leaving in sixth place for $22,200, Wong departing in fifth for $29,600 and Chambers denied in fourth for $40,700. Chambers lost to the Devil’s set, as Jeremy Ausmus hit three sixes, and the American then took out Negreanu for $55,500 in a hand of 2-7 Pot Limit Triple Draw.

Heads-up, Ausmus led from Shak but the latter doubled up almost immediately. Soon, Shak had the title. Winning in Pot Limit Omaha 8, Ausmus’  two pair was no good when Shak overtook him to a superior two pair on the river, sealing his first PokerGO Tour title and the top prize of $133,200.

PGT Mixed Games 2024 Event #8 $10,200 Big Bet Mix Final Table Results:
1stDan ShakUnited States$133,200
2ndJeremy AusmusUnited States$88,800
3rdDaniel NegreanuCanada$55,500
4thWalter ChambersUnited States$40,700
5thJerry WongUnited States$29,600
6thJohn RacenerUnited States$22,200

Hoffmann Leads With Two to Play

Eight of the 10 titles are in the bag and just two tournaments remain. Max Hoffman leads the way with four cashes from eight events yielding him 264 points. Three players aren’t even a dozen points short of Hoffman, however, Jerry Wong (261 points), John Hennigan (257 points) and Daniel Negreanu (253 points) all in the chasing pack.

Previous Mixed Games Series champion Dan Zack (195 points), PokerGO favorite Jeremy Ausmus (215 points). mixed game legend Adam Friedman (193 points), U.S. poker star John Racener (173 points), and British frontrunner Philip Sternheimer (184 points) will all be hoping they can book big results in the final two events to bag the $25,000 championship bonus.

PGT Mixed Games 2024 Leaderboard Top 10 (After 8 Events): 
1stMax HoffmanUnited States04$263,550
2ndJerry WongUnited States14$260,150
3rdJohn HenniganUnited States14$256,900
4thDaniel NegreanuCanada04$252,350
5thJeremy AusmusUnited States02$214,800
6thMori EskandaniUnited States11$201,600
7thDaniel ZackUnited States11$195,200
8thAdam FriedmanUnited States03$192,225
9thPhilip SternheimerUnited Kingdom12$183,300
10thJohn RacenerUnited States12$173,400



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