Botez Calls the Shots but Folds Best Hand

The Hustler Casino Live shows have become as much about the high stakes world of the players taking each other on as the game of poker itself and this was no different. A number of sparkling personalities were on display, with chess queen Alexandra Botez interviewing the players before they took to the felt.

Once they sat down, players such as Barstool Nate and Hoodie Allen began with the maximum $10,000, whereas Josh Richards ($3,050) and Botez herself ($7,000) opted to start with a smaller stack. Not too much changed in the first hour, but a big hand between TikTok creators Tommy Unold and Bryce Hall, with the former holding pocket queens, changed that. Both Unold and Hall lost to pocket aces and the early inertia was lost to them both.

Hustlers live screenshot of streamers playing poker

Nick won that hand, and soon huge three-bets and four-bets went in pre-flop when he had pocket sevens and Botez had pocket queens. Calling Botez’ raise with pocket queens pre-flop with pocket sevens, Nick saw both ace-king and pocket fives go into the muck. On the ace turn, Nick represented it and made the call, heading to the river as a nine landed. Nick moved all-in for $3,865, putting Botez to the test and eventually seeing her fold the best hand.

Hoodie Allen Shoots Down Opponents

With Hoodie Allen being dealt pocket kings, a chunky raise pre-flop and c-bet post-flop was called by musician and rapper Phora with nine-eight as the flop came Q-9-5. A king on the turn looked like good news, and Allen shoved, but Phora had a flush draw with the nine of clubs in his hand and three clubs on board. He was a 4:1 dog in the hand, but he made the call and they ran it twice.

On the first run-out, half of the $16,000 pot went to Allen, and with no club on the second run too, Allen, from Long Island, vaulted up to $16,935 in chips. The rapper, whose new album Bub was released just last week was making the most of his third appearance on the Hustler Casino Live stream.

By the time the halfway stage of proceedings was reached, with Botez up $6,825, Hoodie Allen accumulating $6,645 of profit and Barstool Nate up by $2,460 with Phora down an incredible $24,930.

Barstool Nate and Alexandra Botez Clash Late

A late pot saw Barstool Nate, wearing his trademark face mask, four-betting to $2,300 with ace-ten of diamonds, running into Alexandra Botez, who called with ace-jack. That looked a good move as the flop fell J-3-2 with two diamonds, and Nate bet $3,600, Botez quickly calling. Running it twice for a $20,050 pot, the first playout immediately paid out Nate with a diamond on the turn.

“I’m nervous,” said Botez. A seven of spades on the turn did no damage and no diamond arrived on the river either, meaning the pot was split. “You have plenty of money, anyway.” Joked Botez to Nate, who had a wry smile. All that meant that with an hour in the stream to go, Botex led the way in terms of profit, having made $18,595 across the evening after five hours of play.

Hoodie Allen had dropped a little, up only $3,060, while Barstool Nate was one of the biggest losers at that stage, down $11,610, albeit some way ahead of Phora, who was stuck to the tune of $36,625 with the cash game session entering its final hour of play.

Massive Late Pot Changes Everything

With only a short period to go, Bryce Hall had pocket queens, and his raise to $2,700 saw Phora bump it with king-ten, and new player Skye called with pocket aces. Three all-in and they ran it twice. The chat blew up as the flop fell 8-6-4 on the opening run-out. Another four on turn was followed by one of the only two queens in the deck, giving Bryce Hall the first win and protecting him from losing his stack.

The second run-out came with even more drama. A queen in the window left Skye devastated, and the flop of Q-T-2 looked harmless to Bryce Hall as he prepared to scoop. A king on the turn saw Phora interested in the river card and amazing as it sounds, another king on the river gave him the second run-out, to gasps among the players.

When the dust settled after six hours of cash game action, the initial buy-in level of between $2,000 and $10,000 had seen well over $125,000 left on the felt to count up. The biggest winner on the night was Hoodie Allen, who banked a profit of $36,585. Chess queen Alexandra Botez also had a profitable night at the felt, winning $20,405 overall. Bryce Hall’s big win with that set of ladies ensured he finished the evening in the black too, winning $14,605 after catching the late two-outer.

Six players of the ten who played left with less than they sat down with. Josh Richards lost $2,895, while Barstool Nate was out $9,570 when the racks came out. The biggest loser on the night by far was Phora, who lost $34,830 to his fellow players, almost the same amount that Hoodie Allen won.

Poker was the biggest winner, however, with over 123,000 views on the stream and fans commenting on the action throughout.

You can watch all the action in full as it happened on Hustler Casino Live right here:


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