GGPoker and Poker After Dark have brought one of the poker television hits of all-time to viewers this winter. As players prepare to decide between the WPT World Championships, EPT Prague and the WSOP Paradise festivals, viewers and players alike have been entertained by the antics of 16 top poker players. From Daniel Negreanu to Fedor Holz, Charlie Carrel to Maria Ho, stars of the felt have burst into life before our eyes. So much so, in fact, that we’ve come up with five ideas for spin-off shows should GGPoker wish to pay us a retainer. We’re all-in on content.

1. The Odd Couple – Kyna England and Dan ‘Jungleman’ Cates

Jungle Trigger

If you thought the original movie of the same name couldn’t be topped, you were wrong. Back in 1968, The Odd Couple, starring Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau as two newly-single men who are at complete odds with each other’s’ behaviour enthralled the movie-going public. Replacing neat freak Felix Ungar and the so-relaxed-he’s-comatic Oscar Madison are Kyna England and Dan ‘Jungleman’ Cates.

To say that Kyna and Jungle didn’t connect in Game of Gold is like saying Phil Hellmuth likes wearing baseball caps. The disengagement between the two of them was stark in the episode where Johan ‘YoH Viral’ won his three Team Heads-Up matches. He’d earned his teammates victory and a path through to the final where Jungleman would play first… but Jungle wasn’t happy.

As Kyna looked to mediate the situation, Jungle was momentarily becalmed before then bickering with her about the semantics of the situation. Talk about a married couple. If the spin-off is to succeed – let’s title it Feeling Kyna Jungle – they won’t need plenty of plot twists. Just take away their technology, keep them in the same room and watch the sparks fly.

2. The Buddy Cop Movie – Josh Arieh and Fedor Holz

Josh and Fedor cant watch

It’s been a long time since a really good buddy cop movie. Six-time WSOP bracelet winner Josh Arieh and German poker phenom Fedor Holz might be the new pairing that lock up a $200m Hollywood movie blockbuster. Thrown together in Round 2, Holz and Arieh are the new Riggs and Murtaugh, and are each a Lethal Weapon at the felt. Wisecracking, supportive of each other and their teammates, when one is down the other is up and vice versa.

Throw Holz and Arieh into a downtown crimewave and between the two of them you have the smart, the skills… and the kind of luck that only action movies can truly justify. Taking on Josh Arieh in a battle of wits? Good luck, criminal masterminds. Trying to win any sort of 50/50 against Fedor Holz? Give it up now, hardened gang members.

In the latest episode of Game of Gold, Episode 7, Josh Arieh proved he has what it takes to intimidate a witness, slam the cuffs on a bad guy or crack wise while driving with one hand in pursuit of the enemy, all while Fedor looks wide-eyed at the improbable turns he’s making. Come on, Jerry Bruckheimer – give the people what they want.

3. The Political Drama – Daniel Negreanu and Jason Koon

President Negreanu

During Round 1, Daniel Negreanu and Jason Koon were often left watching either Kevin Martin or Michael Soyza play. Their commentary had the authority and authenticity that put us in mind of one office – the Oval Office.

President Negreanu had a great ring to it. Imagine the scenarios play out with Kid Poker as leader of the free world and the enigmatic Jason Koon serving as his chief political adviser. A nuclear weapon stash? Falafel at dawn in the Oval Office while they discuss a retaliatory strike. Character assassination from the opposition? Koon guides President Negreanu through the crisis while they debate their five-bet strategy with ace-ten.

In an age where The West Wing has finished and the U.S. government needs youth and vitality more than ever before, giving two players who have won a collected $100 million in live tournaments alone the most powerful responsilbity in the world might be the only solution.

“Mr. President, we have a situation.”

“Thank you, Jason. Bring me my kettlebells and let’s get to work.”

4. The Frat Comedy – Lukas ‘Robin’ Robinson and Olga Iermolcheva

It’s been almost 25 years since the worldwide premiere of American Pie. The classic teen movie featured frat-boy comedy, kids escaping an overbearing father and many other teenage hijinks. While Lukas ‘Robin’ Robinson and Olga Iermolcheva might not have been best friends before Game of Gold began, there’s no reason why they can’t be the driving force behind a teen comedy reboot now they’ve palled up during the show.

Robin is always on hand with something winsome to say. The man talks in teen-movie dialogue 99% of the time, dude. Like, for real. And Olga? Was there ever a more obvious femme fatale disguised as an innocent bystander? Robin wanders into most of their conversations knowing nothing of the trouble he’s in. Think The Girl Next Door meets Scream for what would surely be a smash hit on opening weekend.

While Lukas and Olga are up against it to survive in the losers bracket of the heads-up match, if they start filming right away, this teen movie could be a classic in the making come summer in Las Vegas. Did anyone say pool party?

5. The Retreat – Charlie Carrel and Johan ‘YoH Viral’ Guilbert

Netflix is forever commissioning films television shows where an odd guy who works in a place of worship or a hospital goes insane and masterminds an oblique revolution designed to confuse and inspire in equal measure. There’s no need for a script to make their next big hit – just cast Charlie Carrel and Johan ‘YoH Viral’ in the twin roles of evil genius and anti-hero mastermind, get the cameras rolling and we smell Emmy.

Charlie even looks like he should be leading a cult in his white yoga pants and open-buttoned shirt. Throw in an automatic weapon or deadly canister of an unknown virus and the movie writes itself. He’s got the personality to carry it off instantly, and playing opposite YoH Viral, the dialogue would crackle like oh so much organic bacon.

Team Broccoli wouldn’t stand a chance with Charlie and Johan in charge of whatever setting you like for the disaster movie wrapped up as a psychological horror. Pass the popcorn… and possibly the knitted restraints.

Paul seaton


Paul Seaton, a poker luminary with over a decade of experience, has reported live from iconic poker events, including the World Series of Poker, European Poker Tour, and World Poker Tour. He’s not just a spectator; he’s been the Editor of BLUFF Europe Magazine and Head of Media for partypoker. Paul’s poker insights have graced publications like PokerNews, 888poker, and PokerStake, where he’s interviewed poker legends such as Daniel Negreanu, Erik Seidel, Phil Hellmuth, and The Hendon Mob’s, entire lineup. His exceptional work even earned him a Global Poker Award nomination for Best Written Content. In the poker world, Paul Seaton’s expertise is a force to be reckoned with, captivating enthusiasts worldwide. 

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