Superstars from the world of sport, poker and culture clashed at the felt on PokerGO This week as the second Game Night of the Celebrity Poker Tour took place. Players such as Ray J, Aljamain Sterling and Barstool Mintzy all missed out, as Wolfgang Poker, who got 100 million views from a simple YouTube video about getting pocket jacks just last month, topped the lot, winning heads-up against YouTube sensation Tana Mongeau.

A Field of Stars

Only the top two players would make money, with the runner-up taking home $5,000 and the winner capturing the $10,000 top prize. With 20-minute levels, 100,000 chip starting stacks and just one 100,000 rebuy or add-on permitted, there were no rebuys after Level 6 permitted.

Josie Canseco, a model and TV personality, sat a few chairs down from Princess Love, a former winner and Reality TV star. The legendary Barstool Mintzy took his seat and with musician and TV star Ray J joined by the former UFC bantamweight champion Aljamain Sterling, it was an all-star line-up, with Wolfgang the favorite from the start with his vast poker experience.

An early hand that went the way of Princess Love saw Barstool Mintzy’s king-queen dominated by the reality star’s ace-king. Not that Mintzy knew that, as he went all the way on a board showing K-6-5-3-J. In the end, four diamonds on the board and none in his hand meant that he folded to a chunky bet of 25,000 into a pot of 113,000 from Love.

Mintzy showed his king and Love showed her ace of diamonds…and the king of hearts to boot.

“Oh wow, you had me the whole time!” laughed Mintzy. “I had king-queen.”

The side-bets were everything at the table, with Wolfgang giving Vegas Matt odds of +250 to last longer. If Vegas Matt could do so, he’d earn $7,500, but Wolfgang would get $3,000 if he could exit the competition after Matt.

Family Pot Sees Fireworks

With everyone getting involved pre-flop, a huge hand emerged when Josie Canseco flopped two pair with ace-nine and Princess Love flopped top two. The flop of A-J-9 saw Canseco bet 10,000, but Princess Love raised it up to 35,000 with ace-jack. Ray J called (“That’s nothing to me!”) with just king-queen, and a gutshot to Broadway, before Canseco moved all-in for 59,000. Love called, Ray J shoved too, and Love called it off.

If a ten came, Ray J would scoop but a three on the turn and a king on the river meant Canseco had to use her rebuy chip while Ray J was down to just 53,000 and a prayer.

Ray J was shoving virtually every hand and got lucky when his queen-seven got there against Sterling’s ace-deuce, a board of Q-6-4-2-7 decimating Sterling’s stack to just 12,000. Sterling lost his stack – ahead of a rebuy – as Mintzy flopped middle set to sweep up almost all of Ray J’s chips too, the short change disappearing in the next hand.

The first alternate of the day, TikTok superstar Griffin Johnson, was right into the action, picking up pocket jacks – a.k.a. ‘The Wolfgang’? – and turning a full house. Wolfgang then played king-queen against Princess Love’s pocket jacks, and a flop of A-K-2 was enough to lure her to the river after two sixes fell for Wolfgang to win a pot worth 81,000.

Tana Mongeau won an important pot with ace-jack against the ace-four of Barstool Mintzy after the latter bet 30k on a dry flop of K-8-2, an ace on the turn then pushing way more money into the pot. A river of a jack saw Mongeau a lot more confident, her bet of 30,000 earning Mongeau a pot worth 240,000.

“And with that, Tana is close to taking the chip lead.” Announced Jeff Platt, with his co-commentator on PokerGO, Brent Hanks, agreeing.

Wolfgang Grabs the Belt… Eventually

“The best fold in the history of the Celebrity Poker Tour!” ~ Jeff Platt, Celebrity Poker Tour.

Heading into the latter stages, both the alternates were in the action but both left quickly. Griffin Johnson fell with ace-jack against Aljamain Sterling’s king-ten of clubs that made a club flush on the flop. The problem for Tana Mongeau was that she flopped top set with pocket jacks but in a stunning moment for such an event, Tana Mongeau made a miraculous fold to lay down a brilliant yet losing hand.

“The best fold in the history of the Celebrity Poker Tour was made by Tana right there.” Said Platt.

“How the hell did she get away from that? Incredible.” Agreed Hanks.

Vegas Matt, the last alternate, lost his last-longer bet to Wolfgang when his ace-king lost to Mongeau’s jack-ten, a board of 9-7-9-2-T giving Mongeau the straight.

“I didn’t want to do that to you!” said Mongeau. “I feel horrible, you are so sweet.”

Vegas Matt, perhaps hurt by the four worst words a man can hear – ‘you are so sweet’ – left smiling thanks to Wolfgang bringing out his camera.

Wolfgang led heads-up with 1,050,000 chips to Mongeau’s 750,000 and it clearly meant a lot to Mongeau, with Vegas Matt leaving for nothing and each player now guaranteed $5,000.

Wolfgang built his stack into a 10-to-1 lead, and Mongeau shoved with queen-seven, Wolfgang calling with seven-four. The flop was a doozy for Tana, however, a flop of 6-5-3 giving the YouTube poker star a straight!

“Not like this!” said Hanks as the poker room went wild. A three on the turn meant nothing and only a four would save her. It didn’t come, an ace on the river giving Wolfgang the win. Somehow, however, Wolfgang didn’t realise that he flopped a straight! Tana had to tell him that he’d won.

“You were the only person I was trying to knock out, too!” she said, as Wolfgang celebrated becoming the first man to win the CPT.

“Third place last time, second place this time. I’m about to rewatch the last 10 minutes of this stream to see what I could have done differently and ruminate on it forever. It’s always good vibes over here. I’m so ****ing mad!”

Wolfgang made headlines recently when he made $3,000 from one YouTube video alone, scoring over 100 million views for simply c-betting pocket jacks twice on a ten-high board to win $1,750 playing cash. This was mocked by Ike Haxton, but Wolfgang seems to have the golden touch and as Tana Mongeau will testify, it applies to the Celebrity Poker Tour too.

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