At a stacked table packed with major influencers in social media, gaming and poker, the ‘Creator Poker Night’ saw Botez once again prove her poker chops are as keen as her eye on the chessboard as she put everyone to the test. Other players included fellow chess genius Magnus Carlsen, who is carving quite a path in the poker world himself, along with Bryce Hall and Nate Hill.

Early Stages

Nate Hill, the professional gamer and member of the FaZe Clan playing Fortnite, was sitting right next to Kian Lawley, the American YouTuber, social media influencer and actor. The close friend of Lawley, YouTuber and actor JC Caylen, was next to him rocking the cowboy gear while Mariano Laguna Rosa could claim to be the most experienced poker player at the table. With the Global Poker Award-winning team of executive producers Nick Vertucci and Ryan Feldman guiding the action, play got underway.

Sitting down with the most money was Bryce Hall, who plonked $8,000 in chips in front of his seat. Hill, Botez and Carlsen sat down with $7,000 as did Mariano. Nick sat down with $5,000, while both JC Caylen and Kian Lawley would only risk $2,500 each of their hard-earned money, being comparative ‘newbs’, with the two men admitting before the first deal that it was basically their first time playing, certainly in such esteemed company.

Mariano and Nick took part in the first big clash of the day, as the former called Nick’s raise with queen-jack holding pocket queens. The two men went heads-up to a dangerous flop for the latter, as it landed J-4-3. Top pair for Nick meant pain, as he called for $450 and after running it twice from there, lost both times to concede a valuable pot to Mariano worth $2,875, as Mariano explained running it twice to the less experienced players at the felt.

Three-Way Pot Sees Botez Bank Profit

If Mariano was on a roll early, it went wrong for him a little later. Raising to $100, he got a call from Bryce before Botez three-bet to $300 with pocket aces. Bryce called with jack-ten and Mariano did the same with pocket nines. The flop was an interesting one as it fell T-7-2, leading to Botez open-shoving to turn her hand into a perceived draw. It tempted Bryce, but he folded top pair. Mariano, however, called with his nines and was beaten after a queen and jack fell on turn and river. “I woulda won!” said Bryce, disconsolate. “You couldn’t call that.” Botez said in response.

At that stage, Botez was the queen bee, her stack of $13,970 meaning she’d made a profit of $6,970 over the first two and a half hours of play. Magnus Carlsen was the biggest loser over that period, stuck $7,135 at that stage. The chess grandmaster is a complete natural at the game, however, and in recent months has attracted a lot of attention for his fine play at the felt.

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One of the biggest pots of the day took place when Nate Hill three-bet to $600 with queen-jack and Bryce called to a flop of A-K-J with pocket tens. Hill’s bet of $800 got two calls, with Mariano still interested with ace-nine, before a turn of a queen gave Bryce the Broadway straight. Leading for $2,000 off the bat, Bryce saw Hill make the call to a river of another ace. Nate Hill piled it all in with two pair but Bryce made the call and enjoyed an uptick of $11,245.

Bryce Wins Big with Broadway

There was another big heads-up clash, this time between Bryce and Nick, this tie with the role reversal of Nick holding pocket tens and Bryce holding two overcards with king queen. There was $2,300 in the pot when flop of A-T-8 dropped. It was a dramatic one, giving Nick middle set and Bryce a gutterball. Nick bet $1,000 and Bryce made the call.

He was glad he did on the turn of a jack, completing his Broadway straight. Nick wasn’t slowing down, popping $2,200 into the pot. Bryce shoved over the top and Nick called off his stack of $10,590. Bryce was a 76% favorite to scoop the $25,480 pot and did so after the blank river carried it home for him.

An incredible $5,000 all-in straddle took place in one of the biggest hands of the night late on in the stream. Mariano shoved with king-six offsuit and Nick made the call with pocket nines. Bryce also called with jack-three of spades and with the players agreeing t put a hold on the betting, the three hands were turned over. The flop of T-2-2 kept Nick in the lead and with only one spade on board, Bryce needed help. An ace of spades on the turn saw him and Nick stand up, but an offsuit seven on the river meant Nick got the best of it.

At the close of play, six hours had elapsed and once again, Alexandra Botez was the biggest winner, up $32,895 for her evening’s work. Nick’s late flurry in that three-way all-in straddled pot saw him bank a profit of $13,150. Bryce won $5,115, while chess pro Magnus Carlsen bagged $4,490, with JC the only other player ending the night in profit for a return of $3,120.

There were three losers on the night, but to wildly varying degrees. Kian Lawley lost $1,875, but that paled into insignificance compared to the $22,145 Nate Hill ended up losing. Somehow, that wasn’t the biggest loss of the evening, with Mariano dropping an unbelievable $34,480, even more than Botez won.

You can watch all the action as it played out live on the Hustler Casino Live stream here:

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