In what turned out to be a very dramatic five days of poker in the Philippines, it all came down to A-6 vs 5-5 in an all out battle that gave Young-shin Im the victory in the 2010 Asia Pacific Poker Tour.


The 2010 tour was comprised of 236 players competing in the main event, sponsored by, many of whom were former WSOP Bracelet winners, APPT and ANZPT Champions, tournament veterans, as well as a few online players that qualified into the tournament.


By the time the final table was down to two players remaining, Korean born Young-shin Im held almost a two to one  chip lead against Australian native, Fabiano Michael.  Chips interchanged between the two freely during a couple of hours of back and forth action, but eventually, in what turned out to be a somewhat unusual circumstance, the final hand was played out. 


Michael, on the button, raised to 150,000 and Im moved in 150,000 to call, apparently not realizing that the dealer had already pulled in her 50,000 big blind. After deliberation with the tournament director was, it was determined that Im’s actions were sufficient enough to determine that she was putting in more chips than the amount required for a call, and therefore, she was obligated to making a minimum-raise.


In light of this decision, Michael reraised the minimum raise, going all in.  Im had Michael covered, considered the call, and then announced her call.  Michael showed 5 5, and Im turned over  A6The board fell in Im’s favor, as the flop came A 7 2 , to give Im the lead. The turn card, K, was of no use to either party and the river card, 2, gave Im the win.

In addition to the APPT Cebu trophy,  Im took home the first-place prize of PHP 5,810,000 (approximately USD $132,500).  Michael went home with second place and PHP 3,660,000 (USD $83,371).

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