Do you dream of fishies at night?Many poker players around the world (except in the U.S.) are now that internet mega-company Yahoo! has opened its own online poker room.Whether or not thousands of novices who previously enjoyed playing friendly games of hearts on Yahoo! decide to take a stab at real money poker remains to be seen, but the company’s entry to this new arena could make waves in the industry.

Despite Yahoo’s plentiful resources, it is not going it alone.Instead, it joined the International Poker Network (IPN), owned by Boss Media.IPN is actually a fairly small network, catering primarily to the European market, but the addition of such a recognizable brand could very well boost the network’s traffic in a hurry.The room is operated by Gibraltar-licensed St. Minver Ltd.

Long-time online poker stalwart, Paradise Poker, will soon be migrating to IPN, as well.While Paradise has seen a major drop-off in players since it banned U.S. customers, it is still a respected name and should get a benefit from the network, just as the network will benefit from its addition.

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