Wynn Resorts has abandoned PokerStars by severing ties with the online poker room following the crackdown on Black Friday. This was quite the blow for the online poker room since Wynn Resorts had joined PokerStars in lobbying for legalization of internet poker just about two months ago. This alliance started off after the deal between Caesars Palace casino and 888 Holdings in Gibraltar to work towards online gambling reform in New Jersey.

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It is odd to question business opportunities available online but Steve Wynn remains unconvinced about the same and about the role of internet in the gambling industry. Wynn says that it would be tough but not impossible to regular internet poker and if the government does allow it; then there will be heavy taxes to be paid. As with others, Wynn also hopes that internet poker is legalized so that he could add it to his income generating businesses.

Initially, Wynn was against internet poker despite helping Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid in sorting out the potential business model of internet poker. It was only after he received a call from PokerStars regarding an offer to begin a joint venture to help legalize internet poker that Wynn began to rethink his position. Wynn Resorts would have helped online poker gain influence and credibility with several regulators in the United States. According to Wynn, for the sake of another friendship he agreed to meet with the owner PokerStars more than once.
Wynn learned how PokerStars conducted their business and was impressed with their ability to strictly regulate internet gambling in Europe, and to trace online site problems along with its monitoring and blocking illegal underage gambling. Wynn states that PokerStars wanted to push over the competition and hence the US market was very important to them. They went on to create the joint venture, which was recently terminated.
From PokerStars, Scheinberg and Paul Tate were among 11 people indicted. The US government also froze 76 bank accounts across 14 countries that belonged to three of the accused online poker companies. Wynn also stated that these companies have big businesses offshore and those businesses have to undergo regulation. American players are not going to stop playing poker. But, according to Wynn, Republicans in the Congress will not support the effort to legalize online poker. Several people there believe online poker is illegal and discussions about internet poker never moved ahead beyond these arguments. It is disappointing to note that the US government that claims to be doing everything for the people is actually decreasing the number of jobs that can be made available by legalizing online poker.

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