The World Series of Poker (WSOP) has shortlisted 10 poker personalities who have the potential to be inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame this year. Nominations for potential inductees have been carefully checked by the Poker Hall of Fame Governing Council, which has decided on the following 10 finalists—Humberto Brenes, Chris Bjorin, Thor Hansen, David Chiu, Mike Matusow, Jennifer Harman, Carlos Mortensen, Tom EcEvoy, Huckleberry Seed, and Scotty Nguyen.

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Six of these finalists were nominated in 2012 when Brian Roberts and Eric Drache were inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame. The six who have been nominated again are Harman, Bjorin, Chiu, Hansen, Nguyen, and McEvoy. Seed, another of the 2013 finalists, was once shortlisted in 2011, but Matusow, Brenes, and Mortensen, who had become the champion of WSOP 2001, have been shortlisted for the first time.

The British poker gaming community had hoped that Barny Boatman would make it to the 2013 shortlist, but they have been consoling themselves with the thought that Bjorin, though born in Sweden, has been residing in London from the past several years.

Now, the existing members of the Hall of Fame, along with a panel comprising 18 representatives of the poker media, will decide which of these finalists will be inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame. The Poker Hall of Fame Governing Council has issued 37 ballot papers, which are to be returned before October 2013.

The Poker Hall of Fame was created by Benny Binion, the owner of the famous Horseshoe Casino. Later, Harrah’s Entertainment purchased the Horseshoe Casino as well as the WSOP brand in 2004, as a result of which it attained ownership of the Poker Hall of Fame.

Over the years, as many as 63 poker personalities have been inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame, but only 19 of them are alive at present. If Bjorin, Hansen, or Mortensen win, they will become the first poker players from Europe to be inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame.

Every year, two new poker personalities are inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame, and this year too, two people from the shortlisted 10 will be inducted. The induction ceremony will be held shortly before the finals of the WSOP 2013 Main Table, which will be played at the Las Vegas based Rio All Suites Hotel and Casino on November 3, 2013, one of the most anticipated events in the live poker calendar.

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