Joe Ingram surprised the poker community when he came out in the open and spoke for dozens of poker players at the 2018 World Series of Poker (WSOP) and raised a compliant against aggressive salespeople at the WSOP and alleged that they were sexually harassing the players.
It’s been just a few days since the 2018 World Series of Poker (WSOP) has been underway at the Rio All-Suite in Las Vegas and complaints have already started coming in over the substandard products being peddled, aggressive sales techniques and sexual harassment from salespeople who represent the cellphone charger and headphone booth called iGadgets Planet.
The issue was earlier raised by a couple of poker players on Twitter but received a lot more attention when poker player and YouTuber Joe Ingram addressed this issue directly. Ingram has a massive fan following and is known for his extensive videos on scams and fishy activities that take place at poker tournaments and poker websites.
Aggressive Sales Techniques
According to the YouTube video made by Ingram which was published earlier this week, a number of poker players have been complaining about the aggressive sales technique from representatives of the electronics booth at the 2018 WSOP. This electronics booth has been in the WSOP for years now and they are the only booth that is selling Bluetooth headphones and cellphone chargers during the tournament.
Ingram and a number of poker players say that the salespeople manning the booth are aggressively yelling out their products and offerings. If you happen to pass by their booth and ignore their calls, they turn out to be sarcastic and sometimes even start sexually harassing some of the players.
In the video, Ingram said, “We should not allow this constant harassment every single time you walk down the hallway…If you say no, if you ignore them, they mock you. They make fun of you. If you’re a woman, they’re gonna sexually harass you. They’re gonna talk about, ‘Baby, why don’t you smile for me?’ They’re gonna comment on your body… The WSOP phone charger salespeople must be stopped.”
Ingram said that after he talked to other poker players at the WSOP who have stories regarding these same sales people at the electronics booth. Through his conversations, Ingram learned that women players who pass by the booth would receive unsolicited cat calls and sexual innuendos. Because of these, many women players would go out of their way to look for other hallways to use and pass by just to steer clear from the said booth.
Chinese Products Sold at Sky-High Prices
In addition to their appalling sales technique, Ingram notes that the products that they sell are substandard products which are marked up way too high for their quality. After a quick research about the store and the company behind the booth, Ingram found that many of the products sold by the company are sourced from China and are worth $7 to $20 a pop. These same products are then sold at the WSOP booth for as much as $300.
He also found many online negative reviews about the products, and heard from many poker players who had purchased products from the booth who later complained that they felt let down as the quality was well below standard. One player, who bought a charger case from the booth, was promised 2-3 days’ worth of battery time. The battery lasted less than 2 hours after a full charge, so he brought it back to the booth for a refund – just one of the examples that Ingram has unearthed.
WSOP and Booth Owner Respond
Ingram has constantly pressed during his video that it is the WSOP’s responsibility to take care of such cases as thousands of players from all over the world have flown in and it is the duty of the WSOP to make sure they are treated right.
In response, Seth Panasky, Caesars vice president of corporate communications, said that they have a “zero-tolerance policy regarding sexual harassment” and has warned the company about the aggressive sales technique and the cat calling. Panasky said that if the sexual harassment allegations prove to be true, they have the right to terminate the contract with the company and ask them to leave the venue.
It looks like the WSOP officials did have a word with the booth owner and salespeople because players are attesting that it’s been quieter at the said hallway since Tuesday. But iGadget Planet owner Mark Agarunov is not ready to back down against Ingram’s accusations and has responded.
According to the statement written by Agarunov in response to Ingram’s video, he said that the sexual harassment allegations are not true and that if it were, he is ready to file a police report against his employee. Regarding their products, he reiterated that all their products are “licensed and branded with full warranty” and that thousands of their customers are happy with their product over the years.

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