In 2012, the world’s most lucrative and prestigious live poker series The World Series of Poker (WSOP) got into a deal with an international charity called One Drop Foundation, which is devoted to the cause of providing safe water for everybody in the world. The WSOP’s goal in 2014 was to raise over $5 million for One Drop Foundation, and thanks to the cooperation of enthusiastic poker players, it has succeeded in meeting that goal.

Two major WSOP events contributed funds for One Drop—the Little One for One Drop and the Big One for One Drop. In addition, WSOP participants donated heavily through a campaign called All In for One Drop. Finally, it turned out that the WSOP managed to raise $5,273,047 for the One Drop Foundation this year. So far, the WSOP has raised a total of $12,205,089 for the charity.

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Daniel Colman, the 23-year-old professional poker player, beat a player field of 42 to win the first-place prize of $15,306,668 in the Big One for One Drop. Igor Dubinsky, a poker pro from Ukraine, beat a player field of 4,495 players to win the first-place prize of $637,539 in the Little One for One Drop.

One Drop founder Guy Laliberte said, “This year’s results are once again outstanding. We can really say that everyone has come out a winner, not just the players, but all the communities who will benefit from the generous amount raised.”

The buy-in for the Big One tournament was $111,111 and 42 players bought into the event, raising a total of $4,666,662. The buy-in for the Little One tournament was $111 and 4,496 players bought into the event, raising a total of $499,056. In addition, players donated a total of $107,329 through the All In for One Drop campaign.

Mitch Garber, the chief executive officer for Caesars Interactive Entertainment, said that they feel proud of the poker gaming community, which has given generously to create a difference in the world. He also said that poker is a global game and that One Drop has worked continuously to improve the quality of life of people from all over the world. He expressed his gratitude towards all who have contributed to the success of WSOP’s charity tournaments.

The WSOP has not only raised a total of $12,205,089 for One Drop, but also donations in-kind worth $5 million, including tournament costs, marketing and TV production costs, and operational costs.