Just seven months into its operations in the Keystone State, WSOP PA is enjoying huge gains, with the latest figures showing it could now rank second in PA in terms of market share. Traffic at the site reached record levels, mainly thanks to the major tournament series ran by the site which featured ambitious guarantees, as well as the introduction of new lobby changes to its cash games.
WSOP PA also benefited from the recent outage experienced by major rival PokerStars. The operator’s online poker rooms across its three US markets, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan, went offline on Friday, and the downtime continued for three more days due to a serious maintenance issue. As a result, many of its players shifted to other sites to continue playing, and some of them went to WSOP PA.

Contributing Factors to WSOP PA’s Recent Growth

WSOP PA is now attracting nearly 100 concurrent cash game players, a massive improvement from 70 the month prior. The current figure also represents a more than triple increase from last year. With this, the site is expected to grab an estimated 25% of the market, overtaking BetMGM Poker/Borgata PA and coming second to PokerStars PA.
The rapid growth is down to a number of key factors. In January, the site pulled in plenty of players as it played host to a hugely successful Circuit series which posted an ambitious guarantee of $535,000. The series managed to crush that, ultimately awarding nearly $840,000 in total prizes.
Another contributor to WSOP PA’s recent gains is its move to turn off its blind lobby. When the site launched back in July, players could not choose their preferred tables and could not pick their opponents as the operator opted to make the lobby blind. In November, the site finally made the switch which worked to its advantage. Cash game traffic has increased, falling in line with tournaments.
Then came the four-day outage on PokerStars PA. All of these factors brought in some huge benefits for WSOP PA.

WSOP PA Cash Game Traffic Continues to Grow

WSOP PA went live in July 2021 becoming the fourth online poker operator to launch in the state. WSOP PA’s launch also marked the first time that the new Poker 8 software was introduced in the US. The site entered Pennsylvania under tough market conditions – PokerStars PA has been the leading operator in the state since it launched two years ago.
Meanwhile, BetMGM PA and Borgata PA are enjoying in-state liquidity as they’re running under the same network.
Understandably, WSOP PA’s tournament performance was initially much better than its cash games. PokerStars controlled a massive portion of cash game traffic (80%) and WSOP PA struggled to pick up during its first few months. The winds of change have begun to blow in January when cash game traffic at the site reached new highs of at least 70 concurrent seats.
Now, based on the latest stats from GameIntel, WSOP PA has recorded a seven-day average of 97 concurrent cash game seats, a massive jump from January. The number was even lower during the site’s early months when it only recorded 30 cash game seats.

Strong Start to the Year

While the available data is still preliminary given that PokerStars PA has just resumed its services after the four-day outage, WSOP PA can look forward to some positive results especially if it manages to maintain the recent surge in traffic. It would come as no surprise if the site eventually carves out at least a 20% market share which might even grow to 25%.

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