J. C. Tran is one of the nine finalists of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2013 Main Event. A poker player hailing from Sacramento in California, Tran said: “I’ve got a daughter coming in November. There’s going to be two great things coming in November, and hopefully I win this.”

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At 2:32 a.m. on Tuesday, Tran knocked Carlos Mortensen off the table, a move that left just nine players at the table—the finalists of the WSOP Main Event, who will play on November 5 and November 6 for the $8.35 million jackpot.

A total of 27 players made it to the seventh day of the $10k NL Texas Hold’em World Championship, the day on which Mortensen, who had emerged as the Main Event champion in 2001, busted and left just nine at the table.

Collecting his tenth place prize of $573,204, Mortensen said: “I dream every year when I buy in to this tournament to win it. Hopefully, I can make it next year.”

Expressing his opinion of Mortensen, Tran said that he respects Carlos a lot and has played with him for several years. Tran is not only one of the November Nine, but also the chip leader as he holds a stack of 38 million chips, which happens to be 8 million chips more than the second largest stack.

Tran, who has already won two WSOP gold bracelets and finished in the cash at 44 WSOP events in the course of his career, said: “My last goal is to win this thing. This is the November Nine. This is the Main Event. Words can’t really describe it right now. The next few days, seeing my family and friends at home and the smiles on their faces, then it will hit me really hard.”

Father of one, 36-year-old Tran calls himself “a family man” and admits that his poker career has suffered a lot during the last two years because of personal issues.

Besides Tran, the November Nine comprises Amir Lehavot of Israel; Marc McLaughlin, a tattoo artist from Canada; Jay Farber, a business graduate from the California University; Ryan Riess of East Lansing in Michigan; Sylvain Loosli, a Frenchman who lives in London; Michiel Brummelhuis of Amsterdam and the first Dutch poker player to reach the final table of the WSOP Main Event; Mark Newhouse of Los Angeles; and David Benefield, a student of Chinese and political science at Columbia University.

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