If you have ever dreamed of touching the same deck of cards that Phil Hellmuth touched (and who hasn’t?) SkyMall just might have the item for you.For the not-so-low price of $149 plus shipping, you can own two authentic decks of cards that were used in the 2007 World Series of Poker.We’re going to assume that they weren’t the horrible cards that were removed from play within the first few days, but then again, maybe they are, and that’s why they are available.

There are only 1,500 sets of these cards for sale at SkyMall.Each set includes two decks of plastic KEM cards in a wooden case with a glass lid, inscribed with the WSOP logo.A certificate of authenticity is packaged with the set, as well.

While WSOP decks can be found elsewhere (think eBay) for less money, this is actually a handsome collector’s item.For someone who values an attractively presented and unique gift, this could be of value.

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