The World Series of Poker (WSOP) decided not to feature any online bracelet events for the 2021 WSOP which takes place at the Rio in Las Vegas, Nevada from Sep 30 to Nov 23. The WSOP announced that there would be a total of 88 bracelet events for the live poker edition.
11 Online Bracelet Events
The WSOP has decided to make the 2021 WSOP bigger and better by introducing another 11 new online bracelet events. A total of 99 WSOP bracelets events will now be given away via live poker and online poker events during the 2021 edition. The addition of these 11 online bracelet events, is set to significantly increase the overall numbers of the 2021 WSOP.
The buy-ins for these 11 WSOP bracelets events have been designed to cater to poker players with different bankrolls. The highest buy-in for an online bracelet event is set at $7,777 and the lowest buy-in is set at $400. The WSOP is bringing back a number of popular online bracelet events from previous editions and is also introducing a few new ones.
These WSOP online bracelet events will take place every Sunday, starting on Oct 3 and finishing on Nov 21. Only one of these bracelet events will be available to poker players in Pennsylvania. The other 10 online bracelet events will be available to poker players in New Jersey and Nevada.
Why Did The WSOP Add More Bracelets?
If the WSOP intended to have online bracelet events at the 2021 WSOP, it would have featured it on its initial schedule of events. It looks like the WSOP decided to add these 11 bracelet events as an afterthought.
Did the WSOP add these bracelet events because there was pressure from the online poker community to give them a chance to win an online gold bracelet? This seems highly unlikely as the WSOP has already given away loads of WSOP gold bracelets in 2021.
The WSOP gave away 33 online bracelets in July and then another 8 gold bracelets in August. The WSOP partnered with GGPoker again in 2021 to run its WSOP Online Bracelet series and give away another 33 online bracelets. So far, the WSOP has already given away 74 online bracelet events in 2021.
So it is highly unlikely that online poker players could have pressurized the WSOP into adding more bracelet events. It looks like the COVID-19 pandemic might have had a say in the decision.
The WSOP decided to make it mandatory for all players to be fully vaccinated when attending the 2021 WSOP. As a result, a number of poker players have decided to not show up at the 2021 WSOP as they don’t want to take the vaccine. The WSOP could be adding these 11 new online bracelet events to focus on this section of players who are skipping the live poker tournament.
In a statement, Ty Steward, executive director of the WSOP said “Online poker is an important form of tournament poker in 2021. Our philosophy has always been to provide players the most options of any poker festival in the world. online bracelets have a strong track record of significant prize pools, making them a great option for players who want to multi-table while in a live tournament, or play from the convenience of their home or hotel.”
Exciting Online Bracelet Events
The bracelet event with the lowest buy-in is the (NV/NJ) Online Bracelet NL Hold’em Ultra Deepstack on Oct 10 and the bracelet event with the highest buy-in is the (NV/NJ) Online Bracelet Lucky 7’s No Limit Hold’em on 14 Nov.

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