Michael Gagliano has done pretty well for himself playing poker for a living winning more than $2.7 million playing online poker under the screen name of ‘Gags30’ and another $1.3 million in live poker prize money. The New Jersey poker pro also won his first World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet at the recently concluded 2016 WSOP when he won Event #25: $2,500 No-Limit Hold’em and took home $448,463.

Gagliano who is ranked 454 on the Global Poker Index has preferred to take things slow on the poker circuit and spend more time with his family as he is looking to have a balanced life. After winning his first WSOP bracelet, he decided to leave Vegas and head back home to New Jersey to take a break from the WSOP circuit. He preferred to spend time with his family and play on regulated online poker websites in New Jersey.

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The poker pro spends a lot of time on BorgataPoker.com and has more over $400,000 from online poker sites in New Jersey. Back in April 2016, Gagliano finished third in the 2016 Borgata Spring Poker Open $2,700 Championship and took home $128,768. He also took part in the $2,700 Borgata Championship No Limit Hold’em tournament which had a $1 million guarantee but did not have much success.

In a statement, Gagliano said “If you want to be good at poker you really just need to put in the time and study. I think people think that others have this natural talent or they just snap their fingers and are good at poker. But they don’t realize that the top players are putting in a massive amount of hours studying the game. I think I do well online because I’m just consistent. I don’t get tilted easily and I don’t let things outside of poker influence my play, etc. So i’m able to just show up and play my ‘A’ game more so than my opponents.”

Gagliano plans on spending more time playing at the Borgata in both online and live poker tournaments. He is comfortable playing live poker tournaments at the Borgata and enjoys the large poker room, comfortable chairs and the large number of tables. He is looking forward to taking part in the WPT Borgata Poker Open Championship which is scheduled to take place from Sept. 18 to 23.  The buy-in for the event is $3,500 but Gagliano is looking to play a number of low buy-in satellite events and see if he can qualify for a fraction of the price.

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