A new poker league wants to prove that you can play poker seriously without having to spend a lot of money. POKERithm aims to promote the game by removing the intimidating factors that usually scare off potential players, such as the need to pay huge costs to participate in higher-level competition.
“Season 0” Now Out
World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelet winner Matt Waxman started the POKERithm project, which had undergone beta testing in the summer of 2019. The trial took place in the form of a pro league, participated in by a total of eight teams, each comprised of at least eight members, including a team captain.
Waxman and his production team filmed the entire league, which was set in Vegas. Videos of the competition, dubbed “Season 0”, are now being released by episodes via the POKERithm website on a weekly basis.
Every episode involves four teams competing, each composed of four players. All in all, there are a total of 16 players participating, spread out across four isolated tables. One player from each team competes in one table with 100,000 in starting chips. They will play a single hand, with the same exact hand also playing out across the other tables. Do note that the cards are preset.
With the completion of each hand, the wins and losses are tallied based on the chips remaining for each player at the table. The players’ individual scores are then added to their respective teams. They’re then given another 100,000 in chips to play the next hand. The winning team is determined through a cumulative scoreboard.
Season 0 involves a total of 20 regular matches, playing down to championship match. There are a total of eight teams participating in Season 0, namely, The PositEVs, The Archers, The Soulvers, VikingX, Pioneers, Grit, Moxie, and Hooligang.
Waxman couldn’t be more thankful for the support he received while the project underwent beta testing. Some of the world’s highly accomplished poker pros even took part in the league, including Kane Kalas, Andrew Lichtenberger, Felipe Ramos, Matt Berkey, Ronnie Bardah, and Joe Cada.
A new episode is released every Tuesday, and it also includes commentary from Waxman himself, as well as another guest host that also played in the match. Apart from that, the guest hosts also perform hand analysis wherein they review and discuss selected hands during each episode.
Poker Is More Than Just a Card Game
Waxman wants to change the public’s perception of poker being just another casino game played by gamblers who want to make money. The 36-year-old believes poker is more than that. Based on his personal experiences, the game led him to meet many amazing people, and most of them managed to succeed in their careers because they worked hard for it.
Waxman accepts that poker will always be associated with travelling, building a bankroll, grinding it out, and winning money. Almost everyone plays for financial goals, and unfortunately some are enticed to adopt illicit practices just so they could get their desired results, and this paints a bad image for the game.
Waxman said one can still look at poker on a “more wholesome” approach, something that will attract more players into the game, and this is what POKERithm will try to achieve.
The POKERithm concept offers a unique and costless way of enjoying poker and improving your skills. You won’t be playing for money; no buy-ins to worry about; no bankroll requirements; no risk of losing your hard-earned cash. The gambling element is removed altogether just so you could concentrate on playing the game, learning the ropes, and eventually emerge as a better player.
You may try POKERithm’s initial software by visiting its website and register for an account. At the moment, POKERithm doesn’t have mobile support, which means you will not be able to use it on your phone or tablet. It only works on a web browser. The platform will be launched to the public soon.
For more details, check out the POKERithm website.

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