The WSOP has begun and it is not as good as it usually is every year since it has taken the beating of the Black Friday shutdown where three of the top US online poker sites were closed and the players on these sites lost online access to the WSOP. Understandably, the US poker players are upset, not only about not receiving all their money back from these sites, but also about being unable to pay for themselves to buy-in into the WSOP tournament at any stage. And sadly, the worst result of Black Friday is the lack of the usual satellite tournaments for the WSOP.

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Renee Montagne was able to get in touch with Oskar Garcia, who is the reporter for the Associated Press, and they discussed what is lacking at the WSOP this year. Oskar Garcia mentioned the one and only name of the legendary poker player Phil Ivey, who is missing from the scene and has mentioned that he will not be playing poker this year at the WSOP since one of the sites that god indicted – Full Tilt Poker has not paid him back the money from his online account.

Oskar Garcia mentions that Phil Ivey’s absence might even affect the fan following of the WSOP because many people come out to just watch him play. Phil Ivey has always been a calculative, calm and composed player, who has a great poker face and is somewhat secretive in his real life as well. This intrigues the audience and the players and the lack of that excitement and challenge might have a negative effect on the WSOP this year.

Oskar Garcia also stated that poker celebrities would not want to put up the $10000 in order to buy themselves into the tournament after the shutdown having burnt a hole in their pockets. He agreed that the events of Black Friday and the days that followed have had far-reaching effects and not everyone in the Government is willing to vote for legalizing online poker. This is because the people who oppose the movement consider online gambling wrong altogether. While lobbying for legalization of online poker is currently on the go, not much has changed, but the lobbyists have some strong facts that need to be considered, and the US government will not be able to ignore them for long.

Another risk that legalizing online poker brings is the possible revenue drop of places like Las Vegas, where scores of people come out to play poker and other games at casinos. Once these games are legalized online, the magnitude of gatherings at Las Vegas and other such places might decrease.

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