The World Poker Tour (WPT) has focused in recent years of expanding into new international waters and strengthening its brand image and building up a strong player base across the world. In light of this strategy, the WPT has decided to penetrate the Latin American market (LATM).
Five Year Partnership Deal
WPT’s broad poker content library will now be made accessible to tens of millions of viewers across Latin America. Thanks to a five-year partnership deal signed with TV Azteca, a subsidiary of Mexican corporate conglomerate Grupo Salinas.
As part of the deal, the WPT will be promoted across TV Azteca’s multimedia network, which means the brand will now be able to reach a large portion of the LATM and Mexican market as well. Viewers throughout Latin America will be able to watch 17 seasons of the WPT, with original Spanish-language programs, which will be produced at the TV Azteca studios in Mexico. This will give the WPT a massive advantage publicity-wise and help boost its player base in the LATM.
The agreement does not end with the TV distribution, as TV Azteca will also work with WPT in developing a new social poker app, along with other gaming products, that will be designed exclusively for the Latin American market. The new app will also be customized to include educational games, as well as poker and casino. A rewards program will be created once the new offering is finalized, the full details of which will be announced soon.
As the poker brand’s international presence continues to grow, Grupo Salinas will showcase WPT-branded merchandise throughout its stores, which can be found all over Mexico and across Latin America.
Poker players in Mexico will now have the opportunity to experience first-hand some of WPT’s major live tournaments, including up to two Main Tour events, WPT500 events and eight WPTDeepStacks every season. The first of the events, which will form part of the newly-developed WPT LATAM Tour, will take place within the first 12 months of the five-year partnership.
Adam Pliska, CEO of WPT stated that this move represented a historic advancement for WPT into Latin America, the new deal will enable the brand to leverage Grupo Salinas’ extensive multi-media network, social media platforms, land-based casinos and merchandising outlets to reach the poker and social gaming market across Latin America.
eSports Partnership
The Latin American market will soon welcome a new online eSports platform as part of a partnership between WPT’s sister company Allied Esports and Grupo Salinas. The new deal will see both companies deliver a live eSports experience, as well as other eSports-related content to the Latin Americans. The move is timely and relevant, considering the increasing popularity of eSports which is projected to grow to a $138 billion industry.
There are over 2.2 billion active gamers around the globe, with esports viewership and revenue rising at double-digit rates.
Speaking on behalf of Grupo Salinas, TV Azteca CEO Benjamin Salinas said the company is graciously welcoming WPT and Allied eSports as part of their vast range of offerings in Mexico and Latin America. Salinas said their goal is to change the social gaming market in Mexico, and that goal is now within their reach with WPT as their new partner. He said the long-term partnership represents a major step for the company in making sure that the best games and content are tailored to the needs and demands of Latin Americans.
Back in December 2018, it was announced that both the WPT and Allied eSports International, owned by Ourgame International Holdings Limited, will be acquired by the Black Ridge Acquisition Corp. The deal, which is worth approximately $213.8 million, will see both companies combine to become Allied eSports International, Inc.
Those at the helm of WPT will retain their roles, with people from Allied eSports given new positions. The acquisition will also see WPT co-founder and current Black Ridge Director Lyle Berman reunite with the poker brand.
Ken DeCubellis, the future CFO of AESE, said the alliance with Grupo Salinas demonstrates the cohesive integration with WPT and Allied eSports. He said both companies are looking forward to an exceptional partnership with the Mexican corporate conglomerate.

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