Online poker players can use software to analyze their play, as well as their opponents’.Now, similar analyses will be available for select live players.The World Poker Tour, with the aid of STATS LLC, is developing a comprehensive database of all the hands at every televised WPT final table in order to produce detailed statistical analyses of each player.

Soon, players and fans will be able to go to the World Poker Tour’s website and check out statistics like “aggression index,” which shows how WPT final table members play certain hands in certain position.Sort of like how a baseball player performs with runners on particular bases or with a certain ball/strike count.

STATS INC compiles statistics for every major sports league, such as Major League Baseball, the NBA, and the NFL.

“The partnership with STATS is a strategic alliance in our dedication to innovating and legitimizing poker as a sport…” said World Poker Tour CEO, Steve Lipscomb. “The STATS database…gives players and fans the ultimate tools to study, play and enjoy the game.”

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