The biggest complaint poker fans have about the World Poker Tour is that its televised final tables progress way too quickly.After outlasting hundreds of players over several days, the final six competitors are subject to an adjusted blind structure which turns the end game into a virtual “all-in fest.”

Understanding the complaints, yet not really conceding any points, WPT CEO Steve Lipscomb has issued an open letter to WPT fans on the company’s online forum, requesting suggestions on how the WPT might change its final tables to make them all at once profitable, entertaining, and displays of quality poker.

The original post was made by Lipscomb a week ago and thus far as elicited responses from the likes of Andy Bloch and Matt Matros.Lipscomb has responded to posts.If you have constructive ideas for the World Poker Tour, by all means, visit the WPT website and participate in the discussion.

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