Vladimir Bozinovic came out victorious in the recently concluded World Poker Tour Baden. As the tournament started, Bozinovic, who was the chip leader hoped to overtake former champion Marvin Rettenmaier. The former champion was hoping to become the first man to have three titles in the history of the tournament, yet unfortunately, Bozinovic intervened.

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Paul Berrende had been on the top of the leaderboard during the early stages of the tournament but ended up in third place, over 200,000 chips less than Rettenmaier. The three runner ups were Ziegelbecker, Kurko and Wyraz who filled fourth, fifth and sixth place respectively.

It was a truly epic battle between the six contenders with everyone trying their best to oust the others. After Wyraz was pushed out of the table, Rettenmaier attempted to make his move for the title, however Kurko had a better hand. After deciding to shove, Rettenmaier lost to Kurko with K-Q over A-Q making him the player at risk after the chips were counted. Kurko, on the other hand, ran out of luck after he beat out Rettenmaier as he lost more chips to Berende and Bozinovic.

Before any of the remaining players would get eliminated, there were two levels that needed to be played and Bozinovic continued to work from behind. Ziegelbecker was ahead at first with his Big Slick and continued maintaining the lead until a sudden reverse of fortune. Ziegelbecker was out of the tournament after a deuce hit on the river.

Berende and Bozinovic had approximately the same number of chips yet it was after just one hand that the entire outcome was changed. Berende was in the lead in terms of poker chips when Bozinovic opened the betting. But despite his luck, Berende was manhandled by Bozinovic at the final hand with A-9 to A-8 and came out second at the end of the tournament. It was a slow and steady game plan for Bozinovic.

At the end of the WPT Baden, the six men came out triumphant and pocketed a huge amount of winnings after a grueling day long battle. Vladimir Bozinovic went home first with $271,258, Paul Berende with $172,695, Oswin Ziegelbecker with $111,587, Kimmo Kurko with $81,034, Marvin Rettenmaier with $59,496 and Grzegorz Wyraz with $47,820.

This was a successful event overall, and everyone is excited about the next World Poker Tour destination, which will be in California. Season XI is scheduled to stop for the L.A. Poker Classic, which attracted 517 players vying for the first place prize of $1 million dollars.

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