The preparation for the World Series of Poker is underway, with the 10-day tournament beginning in the last week of May 2012. The WSOP tourney is not just an event, but is also thought by many to be a grand Vegas style party where the whole world of poker and the Las Vegas gambling community takes part in. With many important fundraisers happening on the side, the WSOP is one of the most eagerly anticipated poker tourneys of this season.
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Among the several other online poker tournaments and brick and mortar poker competitions and side events taking place all over Las Vegas, the World Series of Poker events that will be happening during this 10 day Poker fest is by far the biggest event. And to take advantage of this opportunity, reputed charities like Big One For One Drop are organizing a $1 million event taking place at Rio in Las Vegas.
Recently, Caesars Entertainment announced its official charity partner as the One Drop Foundation. Founded by Cirque du Soleil and run by Guy Laiberte, the charity focuses on generating funds, raising awareness and educating the masses on water scarcity worldwide. WSOP and Big Drop will work together to achieve this mark. Players are encouraged to donate 1% of their winnings (tax deductible) towards this noble cause. The organizers of World Series of Poker, Caesars Entertainment have also guaranteed $2 million to the charity that will help generate $111,111 per buy-in. Since water scarcity is a major world issue, CEO Mitch Garber of Caesars Entertainment believes this charity is befitting for the company. For their part, Caesars Entertainment has decided to install water stations, so players can refill water in reusable pet bottles.
According to the creator of One Drop, Guy Laiberte, “The poker community is worldwide and has always been incredibly charitable.” He believes that from time to time, Poker players get into the bad limelight and propagate selfishness, which according to Laiberte is untrue. Poker tournaments like these, help players show their good side and by using their abilities for the greater good and help, organizers like Caesars reel in good publicity with a strong cause like One Drop.
As for the game, the winner will receive a genuine WSOP platinum bracelet. The tournament is scheduled to begin on May 27th. One Drop charity’s fundraising event will be held at to happen at Rio in the All-Suite Casino and Hotel at Las Vegas. For those who will stay tuned from the comfort of their home, switch to ESPN to watch some poker fun.

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