The World Poker Tour launched a second online poker room this month, but this one is different than the standard pay-as-you-play virtual card room.This one,, was designed to allow Americans to play, and play legally.

ClubWPT, which runs the same software as UltimateBet, is subscription-based, meaning that for a monthly fee of $19.95, members get as much play as they want in the thousands of sit-and-go and multi-table tournaments the site will offer each month.Aside from the membership fee, no other money is required.No actual wagers are made.To get around gambling laws, ClubWPT provides members with other benefits, which include subscriptions to the Las Vegas Advisor newsletter and All In magazine, as well as access to discount coupons for casinos, restaurants, and attractions in Las Vegas.The tournaments are technically an added bonus.

Even though no cash is actually wagered on the tournaments, cash and prizes are still up for grabs for the competitors.

Some U.S. states still have laws against clubs like, so those who are interested in signing up would be well advised to check the website to make sure they are eligible.

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