The live poker and online poker industry across the globe has experienced a tremendous surge in popularity and growth during the last five years that has turned the global market into an extremely competitive industry. While the World Series of Poker (WSOP) has established itself as the most popular poker tournament in the world, a number of other brands are battling it out to take the second spot.

The World Poker Tour (WPT) is right up there with the best and its President and CEO Adam Pliska has been working hard with his team to bring in new changes, form new partnerships and run innovative promotions that look to cement the WPT brand as one of the most reliable brands in the industry.  The WPT has been around for a long time and since then has built its fair share of followers but Pliska realizes that the WPT cannot rely on its past achievements and has to continuously compete to gain more market share.

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Pliska and his team are currently focusing on building three sides of the business to further cement the legacy of the WPT. The three sides of the WPT brand that are currently being addressed include the tournament side of the business, the television component of the business and the social side of the business. The WPT is currently in the 14th season of its television broadcasting and continues to bring in good ratings. Pliska believes the success of the WPT show is due to how much focus the producers give to the narration and the way in which the one hour show paints a story.

The WPT tournament side of the business has also been rolling out changes with the biggest change bring the introduction of the WPT Tournament of Champions. The WPT decided to introduce this new tournament in place of its popular WPT World Championship and the move drew a lot of criticism from players. However Pliska believes that the new WPT Tournament of Champions will be even better.

In a statement, Pliska said “The WPT has always had a very unique issue with its championship. It’s been well regarded and it’s got a lot of attention, but as it was constituted, really it was a very, very tough field and a very, very expensive buy-in. The good news is that champions showed up, so you could focus on champions, but [the Tournament of Champions] really zeroes that in.”

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