Winamax Poker has announced the launch of a new jackpot game called Cash Game Bingo, which rewards players after taking into account their hole cards.

Cash Game Bingo, however, will be around only on a temporary basis, till the online poker room distributes the entire prize pool of €100,000. So far, only €8,000 has been won, which indicates that Cash Game Bingo will be around for a long time.

Players will be awarded prizes based on the rake they generate and the stakes at which they play. Only Omaha and Texas Hold’em cash poker games are included in this promotion. In case of Omaha players, only the two first hole cards are taken into consideration, which equalizes the odds for both games.

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Each participant receives a grid comprising 14 playing cards, which they have to fill.  Players have to mark off cards that match their hole cards. However, the cards will be automatically unmarked if players get the same hole card again. This means that players have to get all the cards in the grid an odd number of times to bag a prize, which is not really easy. Players can complete the grid only in 50 hands, which makes the task at hand tougher than ever. Once players have marked off all their cards, they will receive a fresh grid of 14 playing cards to start the game once again.

The player who gets bingo will get a prize, the value of which depends on the number of reward points he/she has earned while playing that particular grid. In addition to the grid, players will also receive a booster hand of two cards. If their hole cards match this booster hand, a multiplier value of x10 will apply to their usual win amount.

Players may initially feel that Cash Game Bingo is entirely based on luck, but Winamax has introduced an element of skill into it. Players can reset their grids anytime they win to receive a fresh grid of 14 cards, which they will have to mark off within 50 hands.

Winamax could have introduced this option to prevent players from leaving the game when Cash Game Bingo is not working in their favor and starting a brand new game with a fresh grid. This would be very annoying to the other players at the table. Winamax, therefore, solved the problem by simply allowing players to reset their grids without having to leave the table.

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