It’s exciting enough to win a seat at the Main Event of the World Series Poker after only spending a few bucks in an online satellite.It’s a whole other feeling of excitement when you win one without spending a single penny.This spring, PokerStars is giving its players an opportunity to do just that – win a seat at the 2008 WSOP for free.

Through its WSOP Million Dollar Giveaway, PokerStars is doing just what it says on the label: giving away a million dollars worth of WSOP packages.The prize packages include the $10,000 seat in the Main Event, $2,500 for expenses (such as travel to Las Vegas), and accommodations at the Palms.

While the odds are long, the promotion is simple.Every player at PokerStars will have one opportunity each week through June 27 to play in a Round 1 freeroll tournament.These Round 1 tournaments will be held every hour at five past the hour.The top fifty finishers in each (maximum capacity is 5,000 and they fill up fast) advance to the Weekly Final.

There are three Weekly Finals each Saturday until June 28.Those who qualify can choose one of the three in which to participate: 7:31am ET, 1:30pm, and 8:00pm.The winner of the morning tournament will be awarded the WSOP prize package, while the top three finishers in the afternoon tournaments will have their tickets punched for Vegas.

When all is said and done, PokerStars will have awarded $1 million in WSOP prize packages for absolutely nothing.

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