Poker player Wilson Calixto of Brasilia has won R$1.05 million after emerging as the champion of the main event of the Brazilian Series of Poker (BSOP).

The BSOP began at Sao Paulo’s Sheraton WTC late in November. The event, which was played for nine days, comprised 36 tournaments. As many as 200 dealers were busy at the tables, which attracted 20,000 participants. The event offered a total prize pool of over $2.7 million.

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The series, which was launched in Brazil in 2006, ended with a main event, popularly known as the BSOP Millions. The event attracted a field of 2,749 players and became the world’s second biggest poker tournament. In the BSOP Millions 2013, Murilo Ruiz defeated a field of 2,400 players and won a prize of $371,713.

The final table results are as follows. The champion and the runner-up of the event were Wilson Calixto and Luiz Duarte, respectively. They won prizes of R$1,050,000 and R$710,000, respectively. The players who finished third, fourth, fifth, and sixth were Lucas Iglesias, Ednei Carrilho, Anderson Cruz, and Nenem Brito, who won R$790,000, R$314,400, R$205,000, and R$150,000, respectively. The players who finished seventh and eighth were Sebastian Ruiz and Humberto Meireles, who won R$125,000 and R$105,000, respectively.

On the final day, 10 players returned to play for the championship title and the pot. Adecir Cassol and Marcel Carli were eliminated in the first half an hour. The first player to finish in the cash was Humberto Meireles, who busted because of a four that appeared on the flop and gave Calixto an excellent hand.

The next player to leave the table was Sebastian Ruiz of Chile, who was defeated by Edniei Carrilho’s pocket aces. Nenem Brito soon followed Ruiz after betting all in on a Nine of Diamonds and a Seven of Diamonds. Although the flop turned up a Queen of Diamonds and a Six of Diamonds, Brito’s Flush Draw was no match against Carrilho’s hand. When the river turned up a King of Clubs and an Ace of Spades, Brito had to leave the table.

It was Calixto who defeated Anderson Cruz and Carrilho, leaving just three players at the final table. The trio reached an agreement, according to which Calixto would get R$800,000, Iglesias would get R$790,000, and Duarte would get R$710,000, leaving the championship title and R$250,000 to the champion.

Ultimately, it was Calixto who won the match and became the latest champion of the BSOP Millions.