If you are on the lookout for a holiday card game with a rib-tickling theme to regale your family and friends, Cockroach Poker is just the pick for you. However, do not squirm at the bugsy theme of the game, as it will jazz up your holidays and give you loads of fun this Christmas season!

Cockroach Poker – Features and Gameplay

Cockroach Poker is a card-based bluffing game that can be played by six people at a time. Given its compact size, this card game might look as insignificant as a bug to you, but give it a try, and you will swear by this bug bluffing game, every time you have a get-together. In this game, players try to bluff about their cards and pass them down to others to get rid of them.
The card pack comprises 64 cards in all. There are eight sets with one critter each- spider, toad, fly, bat, rat, scorpion, cockroach, and stink bug. Each suit has eight cards.
The game begins with the cards being dealt among each player in the circle. After that, the game begins with each player offering a card of their choice to the other player. However, the card should be offered facedown, and the player has to say something about which icky creature the card features.
A player might bluff that the card on offer is a cockroach instead of a scorpion, or they might not. The receiver of the card has to see through their bluff and take a guess. As the receiver faces the card on offer- they have to choose between accepting the card and passing it onto the next player, or they can take a wild guess about what the card might be.

Blending Hilarity with Strategy

The low complexity of rules is perfectly balanced by the players’ reactions, their respective strategies to bluff, and other moments of hilarity.
Vibrantly illustrated by Jacques Zeimet, it might be hard to exclude this pocket-friendly burst of entertainment from family time. Easy to introduce among kids and new players alike, Cockroach Poker offers the old-school charm of card games while injecting it with a dose of unique and hilarious concepts.
The most intriguing and also frustrating feature of Cockroach Poker is the outcome of a guess. If the receiver identifies the card incorrectly, they gain that card. A player who collects four cards of one set loses the game. But, one can manage to win with intelligent guesswork.
Intuition and luck play their respective roles in steering players’ choices in the game; one can think about the number of cards left of each suit with every player once they begin placing their cards on the table.

More Fun With Bugs and Icky Critters!

Icky critters might make the most unlikely themes for a party game. But with this fun-sized £10 pack of cards, ugly animal jokes might become a comic staple in your household. From ratting someone out to having an ensemble of stink bugs up your sleeve, you would soon get accustomed to not being disgusted or scared by those ugly, disgusting critters.
Cockroach Poker is the perfect opportunity to inject some humor and chaos into your gatherings. Simple, but full of potential for inside jokes and loads of clever bluffing- these cards will liven up any party.
This set of cards is the first in Drei Magier’s Ugly Animals franchise of playing cards. Apart from Cockroach Poker, players can try other card sets like Cockroach Poker Royal, Cheating Moth, Grasshopper Poker, and Cockroach Salad.
With each title getting even more ridiculous and icky than the previous, the affordable Drei Magier card series can be your next family favorite to play on any occasion.

TightPoker Staff

TightPoker Staff