In an article published on, poker journalist Steve Ruddock spoke about why there will not be another Poker Boom.

Clarifying issues regarding the Poker Boom, he called it “a case of right place right time.” Online poker grew as an industry between the years 1998 and 2003. The game was televised, poker movies such as Rounders were released, and poker books such as Positively Fifth Street by James McManus were written. Chris Moneymaker hit headlines by winning the WSOP Main Event. According to Ruddock, no new marketing strategy or promotional deal can recreate the atmosphere of those years.

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Poker will always attract seasoned as well as new poker players. The year 2003 just increased poker awareness and made the game accessible to more players. The game suddenly became available to everybody, irrespective of their physical location. Such a state of affairs cannot be re-created.

Ruddock, therefore, says that instead of looking into the past, one must look at the present or into the future. The present situation needs to be used to determine what is best for the game’s future. Poker had already peaked in the past, so it will not achieve another peak. The need of the hour is to maintain what the poker industry has already achieved.

Mentioning reasons for poker’s inability to achieve another peak, he said that it is because attitudes towards poker have changed and that players have better knowledge of the game than they did a decade back. In 2014, people have more ways to entertain themselves. Today, they have social gaming options, daily fantasy sports, and tons of other gambling options to choose from, in addition to numerous apps, videos, and books.

People also know more about poker. They can rely on poker tools, poker content, and poker training websites. This wasn’t the case a decade back. Besides, they are good at hunting for information and can find exactly what they need to know with just a few clicks of the mouse.

In the days of the Poker Boom, poker was promoted as a game that anybody could win. Today, there are too many skilled poker players. The competition has gotten so tough that winning at poker is becoming more and more difficult. Finally, the game is no longer as novel as it was ten years back although it still continues to be popular. It has therefore ceased to be in the limelight and there is no chance of another peak.

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