Whether its live poker or online poker, players all over the world will admit that the poker market of today is a lot more competitive than ever!  Poker takes a lot of skills, mental strength, patience and determination to succeed at the tables.
The top poker players in the world and poker players who are consistent at winning at the tables tend to set goals for themselves and are disciplined at working on those goals. Whether you are an amateur poker player or a pro who has not had a lot of success in recent times, it is important for you to set poker goals for yourself and work on them throughout 2019.
Daniel Negreanu who is considered to be one of the greater poker players of our generation has a habit of setting poker goals each year and publishing them for other poker players to see and also to hold himself accountable.
The Important Of Setting The Right Goals
Oftentimes, players make the mistake of setting goals that are beyond their control. One example of that is trying to make a specific amount of money within a specific timeframe. While the amount of winnings is frequently used as a success benchmark in poker, it should not define a player’s progress.
It is important that you set goals that are achievable and effective for you as a poker player. Always remember that variance is inherent in poker. You can initially make wrong decisions but still succeed in the end, or you can be right all along but still lose.
If you aspire to become a better poker player, take into account the goals we listed below.
Take Care Of Your Health
If you want to be successful and live poker or online poker, you will need to be in the best of health. Playing poker requires you to spend lots of hours at the table and have immense concentration. You will need to look after your diet and workout in order to be in the best condition physically and mentally.
Set yourself a goal to eliminate junk food, sugar and soda pop. Also join a gym or set a goal of walking or running x amount of miles per week.
How Many Hands Per Week/Month?
This volume-oriented goal is beneficial in two ways: first, it is highly achievable and entirely under your control, and second, you will be able to improve your skills by trying different spots and hands.
By setting this goal, you are pushing yourself to play more, strengthening your game. In online poker, playing a set amount of hands will result in the accumulation of a huge database of hands which can later be utilized to study your own strategy and at the same time analyze your opponents’ tactics.
However, it is important to set a target goal where you feel you will play best. Don’t put pressure on yourself by setting huge targets within a given period as it will only compromise your performance in the long run.
Learning And Coaching Goals
 A key goal that you should set is the amount of time and money you are going to invest each week or month into your poker learning or poker coaching. While practicing is always helpful in developing your skills, dedicating ample time towards studying the game is equally beneficial.
You can study poker in a number of different ways. You can join poker forums and take part in strategy-related discussions. You can gain a lot of insights from there. You may also look up the web for some training videos made by experienced players. They provide concise information that can help you improve your strategies going forward.
You can also hire a poker coach or join a poker training website. Studying will not only enable you to improve your playing, you will also be open to new ideas that will help you along the way.
Study Tools Analysis
Another important goal to set as a poker player is to track your own performance. You can do this through the use of poker tracking tools like PokerTracker. By reviewing your own game, you will be able to spot holes in your strategy and analyze your hand histories. This can be tedious and will take commitment.
One way of doing this is setting yourself a weekly goal of devoting a specific amount of time for review.
Slowly Increase The Stakes
Staying stagnant is one of the most unsatisfying things that could happen to a player. In every game you play, always strive to be better. If your bankroll has become sufficient enough to allow you to enter higher-stakes games, then give it a try. But always remember to still put a limit to the number of buy-ins you can afford to lose. Don’t go about taking part in tougher competitions that would blow down your bankroll.
One thing you can do is set yourself a goal of moving up each quarter based on your bankroll and winnings. You can then review and decide whether you need to move up or stay at the same level for some more time.

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