There is no denying the fact that online poker is now more popular than ever, and a look at the recent World Series of Poker in Europe will confirm that online players are younger, trendier and fiercer than they ever were before. Seems like a fine time to ask: why do you play online?

Is it the convenience? No need to drive to the casino, buy chips, tip the dealer… heck, no need to even get dressed – if you have an Internet connection you are good to go whenever the urge for a little No Limit Hold’em hits you, regardless of time, weather and attire.

Short of people to play with? No need to wait for the odd poker night with the colleagues or to resort to teaching your little nieces and nephews how to bluff! Online you can be sure to always find others who are as willing to play as you are – and hopefully less able!

Do you have a terrible poker face? Are your tics bringing you down on the table? Do your ears twitch uncontrollably when you have a high pair or better? It doesn’t matter when you play online: you can yell, whoop, tremble or bite your fingernails and your opponents will be none the wiser. Save your hat and shades for a sunny day and be yourself in front of the monitor.

Do you enjoy the learning curve? It might take years of playing in your local casino before you come across a ferocious Scandinavian who makes you rethink your entire strategy. Online, however, you get to play against people from all over the world, and to cope with many playing styles ranging from guppy to shark. This will certainly improve your game much faster than taking Moe’s beer money every Friday of the year.

If you have some time to spare, take a look at
these videos – we are sure you will laugh at
Party Poker’s hilarious takes on why you should play with them.

Happy playing, and see you on the Internet!

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