A cross section of people from the US poker community are of the opinion that it is only a matter of time before the legalization of online poker in the United States goes into effect. This is being pushed from several directions and might even come to pass in 2011, since several facts are pointing towards positive turns for legalization.

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While legalization is inevitable in the future, the politicians and Justice only has to decide where they stand and how they want to position themselves regarding this matter. Senator Kyl, who is known to be the man behind the UIGEA, has stated on his website that he would consider giving poker a chance, since many consider it to be a game of skill, however it will only be allowed if there is a proper stance taken for rules against general online betting.

In a letter to Justice Senator Kyl and Senator Reid have questioned the US government regarding its actions and recent decisions taken to indict several online poker sites, and their sudden wake-up to online gambling, which has been considered illegal for almost a decade now.

They have questioned Justice seeking answers as to why online gambling is being negated when many states are ready to pass legislations regarding the same now. The senators have asked the government to take a strong stand announcing that all forms of online gambling is illegal, and this is because when they do allow a poker bill to pass later, these senators can claim that it was their move that turned the whole thing towards favoring online poker. Since neither of them has co-sponsored any of the poker bills, the redundancy of the same will not affect them in the future.

Politicians are regarded as such due to their capability to turn things around and to turn for things considering their benefits, and with the recent indictments of online poker sites, everyone is out to consider their profit with the same. The only people who have suffered from it are the players and although the government has repeatedly stated that their interest lies in the protection of the players, it does not seem that way. Since if that were the case, they would be involved in solving this problem at the earliest and not increase the number of confusions and allegations that are causing the delay.

While everyone is looking out for their own benefits, it is hard to predict the plight of the players, but legalization online poker it might be go, since most politicians now seem to think it is a good idea.

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