Almost everybody is interested in discussing the US presidential elections, which will be held in November. While poker players are interested in the political part of it, they cannot resist speculating if chances of legalization and regulation of online poker at the federal level are better with Barack Obama at the helm or under the leadership of Mitt Romney, Obama’s Republican counterpart.

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Nobody can deny that US online poker legalization did not progress even an inch with Barack Obama at the helm for the past four years. Under these circumstances, one may predict that the US online poker industry stands a much better chance of being legalized and regulated if the US public votes Mitt Romney into power. After all, Obama has done nothing much for the US online poker industry.

Currently, the Poker Consumer Protection and Strengthening UIGEA Act of 2012 that was proposed by Senators Jon Kyl of Arizona and Harry Reid of Nevada, is on the table. The bill is not without its opponents, and if it has to be successful, Reid will have to continue being the senate majority leader. And if Reid is to continue being the senate majority leader, the democrats have to continue controlling the chamber of Congress during the upcoming presidential elections. If the Republicans gain control over the chamber of Congress, Reid will continue holding his post of senate majority leader during the lame duck session, during which the bill’s chances of being passed are highest. Simultaneously, it must be borne in mind that Reid would lose a lot of his control if the Republicans knew that they would definitely control the chamber of Congress.

Needless to say, the above-mentioned poker bill requires a lot of Republican support, and one of the strongest advocates of this bill is Republican Senator Dean Heller, a resident of Nevada. At the same time, Heller can do nothing much if he fails to get re-elected. To put it in a nutshell, the successful implementation of this bill is dependant on a number of political factors.

Even if the bill does make it to the lame duck session, the chances of it getting passed are still not high because not everybody is in favor of this bill although a number of associations and individuals are waiting for online poker to get legalized at the federal level. Meanwhile, several US states are moving ahead with state wise legalization and regulation of online gaming.

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