Although everyone is keen to know what is happening with Full Tilt Poker, the company itself intends to keep the proceedings private and hence they are now arguing against a public hearing and are trying to fight and get a private hearing from the Alderney Gaming Control Commission. The hearing was scheduled to begin at 11am, but it has been interrupted by the Full Tilt Poker representatives in order to make a request that the hearing might be held in private.
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The AGCC was planning to have a public hearing for Full Tilt Poker, and was going to allow the press to be present at the hearing, but Full Tilt Poker has stated that sensitive information about the company might be revealed during the hearing and they cannot afford to publicize the same.
AGCC’s idea behind this meeting was to obtain $40000 as fees for unpaid licensing, but the return of funds to US players is still not on the agenda. US players were hoping to have a discussion regarding the issue of withdrawal of funds, but it does not seem likely on the cards. Full Tilt Poker has stated their interest in discussing player returns but they want this to take place in private.
The hearing is taking place at the Victoria Park Plaza Hotel, on Vauxhall Bridge Road, in London on the 26th of July 2011. Full Tilt Poker’s functions have been suspended since the 29th of June 2011 and the site has not been working since then. Since then Full Tilt Poker has been looking for new investors and although evidence regarding certain European investors’ interest in the site’s holdings had come through, nothing is certain.
After the hearing, wherein AGCC will present its evidence against Full Tilt Poker, for having shut down the site and suspending its license, players would get to know the real status of their funds and what actually the situation looks like for the future.
It also seems likely that the hearing might be adjourned or the AGCC might give into Full Tilt Poker’s plea to have the hearing in private. Martin Heslop, a representative of Full Tilt Poker has asked for the same. It was also stated that if AGCC allows Full Tilt Poker to stay licensed then they would be paying the unpaid licensing fees within seven days. The AGCC finally agreed to hold the hearing in private, and a decision of when would be made within a few hours.

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