Justin Bonomo and several other poker players are in a difficult situation with Full tilt Poker and now it would appear that the beautiful Maria Ho is also in the same boat.
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Maria ho also has her money stuck in her Full Tilt Poker account and is unable to get it out; however, she seems to have taken a more relaxed and laid back kind of attitude to deal with it. Maria Ho is a classy poker player and although she may have not faired well with her Full Tilt Poker account, she has dealt with the loss. Perhaps, it is because they are poker players and are used to risking and losing money on occasion that they are taking the news much better than the amateur poker player who has a smaller amount of money stuck in the site.
In a recent interview with Poker New, Maria Ho revealed that she had taken a stance that it would be bonus to get her money from Full Tilt Poker after Black Friday. She also stated that she was hopeful regarding Full Tilt Poker finding some resolution. “It seems like there has continued to be some progress on that front although it has been small strides and slow-going at times but one can remain hopeful about the outcome. However, fairly quickly after Black Friday, I mentally prepared myself to consider the money I had on FTP as a loss, so If we do get it back, it’ll be like a nice bonus but definitely not expected,” the player said.
Maria Ho also went on to discuss Black Friday and how it had impacted her; Ho had been supporting Ultimate Bet Poker and was one of their official sponsors. She was taken in board the team 6 months prior to Black Friday but soon learnt that the team of Ultimate Bet poker professionals were to be dropped. Ho made a very smart move and rather than sit and moan about her money in the US, did a complete turn around and went to Vancouver in Canada from where she played as much poker as she liked. She secured several cash ins and made up her money and as a result is comfortable about letting go whatever money she has in Full Tilt Poker in case the site does not repay her money.

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