The status of online poker in America is questionable to say the least. Reports from the Wall Street Journal Technology section and from the CNN Online’s Digital Biz section have stated the effects of Black Friday to be ominous.

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It is true that more than ten million Americans over different poker sites were involved in online poker before Black Friday, but since then most sites have been shut down and the players have been disappointed not only due to no service but especially since all their money is gone.

Despite this the WSOP saw the same crowd in numbers and the same kinds of bets and tables arranged for the event. The shows of the WSOP are being run on TV equally as much as last year. The crowd at the WSOP shows that the Americans are still interested in poker and hence they would fight for the same. The WSOP did miss some of its sensational and huge sponsors like PokerStars and Full Tilt Poker that have probably taken the most beating since Black Friday.

A poker industry executive, Dave Behr at the WSOP noticed that the air was not as exciting and the crowd seemed somehow subdued due to the events that unfolded on Black Friday, and hence Black Friday might have long lasting effects on the online poker industry as well as poker in general.

News regarding the US market place opening up has been circling for too long, and although several bills have now been proposed in favor of online poker, the time it takes for them to get through and to be put into action would work in favor of the effects of Black Friday. US players need some kind of reassurance, either protection or their funds. It seems that the TV ratings have dropped since Black Friday, but there are some sponsored shows aired on TV.

The future for online poker and poker in general in the US looks grim as of now, although the WSOP was overall a successful event, poker analysts claim that the effects are yet to be seen and Dave Behr has said that the drop might actually be seen in 2012. Since online poker play is not in business anymore, the convenience factor has been shattered and hence the industry will take a hit, and the longer it takes to revive, the more it kills the interest in poker.

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