Full Tilt Poker disappeared off the internet last year after the events of Black Friday and has only recently emerged back online after it was bought up by the reputed poker site – PokerStars. Now that the Full Tilt Poker site is back on the scene, it has been relaunched with a whole array of revamped and new promotions and offers.

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According to Gus Hansen, a poker professional from Team Full Tilt Poker, “The return of Full Tilt Poker fills a hole in the community that’s been felt by millions of players. A lot of people have been waiting for this day to come and now that it’s here we can all look towards a brighter future.”

In regards to the transactions that players would be making, the Full Tilt Poker had this to say: “Full Tilt Poker is now a sister site to PokerStars, whose parent company acquired Full Tilt Poker this summer. One of the advantages of the sister sites is a new feature which enables players to quickly and easily transfer cash between Full Tilt Poker and PokerStars to play in an even larger selection of games and tournaments and participate in the promotions that interest them most. The two sites represent the largest pool of online poker players in the world, making it possible to offer the greatest number and variety of cash games and tournaments.”

The Full Tilt Poker VIP system was altered and new changes were made to its rake back system. In addition, FTP is also “offering a series of promotions, including $250,000 in freerolls and $300,000 in added FTOPS tickets. A ‘Happy Hour’ promotion allows players to earn double player points ‘around the clock’ and every player will be receiving a minimum $200 ‘Deal Me In’ bonus.”

Full Tilt Poker is now offering real money poker games and has supposedly made $184 million available for players who need to withdraw or cash in their balances. However, as of now, players in regions like Spain, Belgium, France, Estonia and Denmark will not be able to access       real money poker games.

Sarne Lightman, the Head of Marketing for Full Tilt Poker discussed the plans for the future, “”Full Tilt Poker is back and better than ever. We are bringing back to the players everything they loved about the site and we invite them to help us celebrate by joining our ‘Deal Me In’ launch promotions.”

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