The Full Tilt Poker story seems to have been going on for a long time and people have been awaiting the hearing from AGCC. After the AGCC hearing, people believe that this Full Tilt Poker story is seemingly nearing its end as the much awaited AGCC hearing took place in London at the Riverbank Park Plaza Hotel.

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Full Tilt Poker has its license at stake along with the possibility of its existence in the online poker industry. For players of Full Tilt Poker, it is the funds at stake amounting to 4150 million or more that they want to really know about. The FTP player funds have not been accessible to players nor have they been returned since the company has been indicted for its malpractices.

Full Tilt Poker had requested to the AGCC that the hearing be held in private, and even though that may be the case it is obvious that such news will not stay under wraps for a long time. Finally, it has been postulated that three different outcomes are possible for Full Tilt based on the proceedings of the AGCC hearing.

One being that the license of Full Tilt Poker is revoked, meaning that the site would lose its secondary license as well. This would be the company’s end as we know it.

The second possible outcome can be that the AGCC lets the company operate on a specified restricted basis and hence Full Tilt will have the necessary means to generate revenue, get an investor in the future and perhaps pay back player funds. Although, a good section of the [poker community believes that the site will not pay back any of its payers funds.

The third outcome could be that the AGCC may agree to extend the company’s extension until the hearing with the DoJ is cleared, which is scheduled for the end of September 2011. This would give the AGCC enough time to assess the fine that should be levied on Full Tilt Poker.

Considering the different scenarios, it does not seem that Full Tilt Poker might have bright future at any recent time, but if they do get the license and continue to function they might be able to gain some of their lost dignity back again. Although, it is only a speculation at this point, some ardent supporters believe that Full Tilt Poker imight be able to make a comeback. However, none of this is possible before Full Tilt has completely cleared its name from all the black-lists of the authorities, potential investors and of course, the most important – its ex-players.

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