Back at the beginning of the month, PokerStars’ popular World Championship of Online Poker concluded with its $2,500 buy-in Main Event.Almost 3,000 players entered, pushing the prize pool to over $7 million.When the dust cleared, “TheV0id” was the champ, taking home over $1.2 million.

Within the last week, however, he has been disqualified for cheating.

The reasons for his ouster are unknown to the general public, but the most concrete rumor (however un-concrete it is) has it that TheV0id, whose name in real life is Mark Teltscher, may have had as many as five entries in the tournament.This, of course, is a flagrant violation of the rules.The first rumor that was floated around the internet was that Teltscher’s sister was playing under his account while Teltscher himself was playing under another name from the same IP address.PokerStars reported, however, that only one account from his IP address was playing in the same tournament and that TheV0id only played from one IP address the entire time.Besides, it is generally acceptable for more than one player to play from the same IP address in a multi-table tournament, as the chances of them ending up at the same table are low.

All that PokerStars said in the end was that its security department had “determined, based on the totality of evidence that the tournament winner “TheV0id” was in breach of the PokerStars Terms of Service.”

PokerStars has assured the poker community that all participants in the event will be moved up one place in the standings and that everybody will receive the correct prize money.

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