Vulcan Post is a company that focuses on digital products, start-up companies and individuals who have inspiring stories to tell. Vulcan Post (VP) Singapore decided to launch its first ever poker night on February 10 with the focus of bringing together some of the leading venture capitalists, founders of start-up companies, technopreneurs and individuals who have a flair for business and an interest to play the game of poker.
Just as the Chinese New Year came to a close, the company decided to continue the celebrations by organizing the Vulcan poker night at its VP Headquarters in Singapore and based on the turnout, the event was very successful. There were around 9 poker tables available and the venue was packed from 8 pm onwards and close to 100 individuals showed up for a night of poker. The atmosphere was abuzz right from the start as VP wanted to ensure that players not only concentrated on poker but also networked at the table, discussed their projects and exchanged business cards for future contacts.
There was no guaranteed prize pool at the VP poker night and there were no cash giveaways. VP decided to give away a championship prize for the player who finished with the highest number of chips. Though there was no money to be won, the competition at the table was at a serious level as players wanted the honor of being crowned the first VP poker night champion. As the night progressed, the number of players reduced and the final 8 battled it out for the championship
The final two players at the table went at it for close to two hours as they used their poker playing skills and strategies to get ahead. In the end it was, Erik Lorenz of HeyMeet who held his nerved and finished in first place to take home the first ever VP Poker Night championship. Based on the success of the event, VP has plans to organize more poker night networking events in the near future.
Singapore is one of the top financial hubs in Asia and there are a number of small groups and business networking events that take place on a regular basis all over the country. VP wanted to experiment with something different and decided to go with the game of poker because it has been proven in the past that a number of influential and wealthy individuals have a fascination with the game of poker. So instead of organizing yet another small business networking event, VP decided to launch a poker night and target successful individuals who wanted to play the game of poker and meet other individuals who could possibly help them with networking and leads.
While this might be the first high profile poker networking event organized in Singapore, there have been a number of similar events organized in other parts of the world. Bloomberg put together a report in 2012 covering Silicon Valley and how popular the game of poker was with technology savvy individuals. The report suggested that techies and individuals with a flair for business were drawn towards the game of poker because they liked to be confronted with puzzles and be put under pressure to come up with an answer that would get them ahead of the pack. Business Insider also covered a similar angle in 2014 and highlighted the fact that billionaire and casino mogul Carl Icahn and David Einhorn who was the third place finisher at the World Series of Poker (WSOP) 2012 Main Event were all a part of the poker alumni in Silicon Valley.
While poker has traditionally been a male dominated game, the VP poker night in Singapore saw both men and women turn up for the event. One of the participants at the event stated that it was unique to attend and event like this and network as someone could introduce you to a great connection due to the fact that you both have a desire to play poker and that connection could be very beneficial to your project or business.
While VP Singapore has plans to conduct more poker night networking events, the company has set up a survey page for individuals to vote if they want another VP poker night in Singapore.

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