The European Poker Tour (EPT) 2012 Deauville Main Event came to an end on the night of Monday, with Vadzim Kursevich emerging as the winner. He played against a field of 889 opponents.

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When Kursevich entered the final table, he had the second largest stack of chips, but his way to victory was very adventurous and exciting.

The holder of the shortest stack at the final table was Mick Graydon, who lasted two hours before he lost to Paul Guichard, the chip leader. In other words, Graydon finished in the eighth position. The player who finished seventh was Luca Pagano, a professional poker player sponsored by PokerStars.

The next player to be knocked off the final table was Olivier Rogez, who played for three-and-a-half hours before admitting defeat. The player who finished fifth was Bruno Jais.

Once Bruno Jais was knocked off the table, the poker players took a short break of one hour. The game that followed after the break was quite exciting with Trong as the chip leader. Unfortunately, Trong lost most of his chips to Kursevich, who soon became the holder of the second largest stack of chips at the table.

Once he had knocked Trong off the table, Kursevick set to work knocking off all short-stacked players off the table. The first player to go was Yorane Kerignard, and once Yorane Kerignard was gone, a heads-up match commenced between Guichard and Kursevich.

Both players played equally well, and although Kursevich started as the chip leader, Guichard played ferociously enough to win back most of the chips and make the stacks more or less equal before the final hand between the two was played. Kursevich raised to 500,000 and Guichard made a three-bet of 1,250,000. The flop came down after Kursevich called.

Toward the end of the game, Kursevich bet all in and Guichard immediately called. Since Kursevich had the better hand of flush outs and straights, he naturally won the tournament.

Here are the final results. The player who finished first Vadzim Kursevich won €875,000. The players who finished second and third, Paul Guichard and Vuong Than Trong, won €557,000 and €328,000, respectively. The players who finished fourth, fifth, and sixth were Yorane Kerignard, Bruno Jais, and Olivier Rogez, respectively and they won prizes of €260,000, €200,000, and €155,000, respectively. The players who finished seventh and eighth were Luca Pagano and Mick Graydon, who won €110,000 and €67,200, respectively.

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