Caesar’s Entertainment Group Chairman Gary Loveman claims that his contacts within the Congress have informed him that the US federal government is well on the way to legalizing online poker. He is absolutely sure that US online poker will be legalized because it will generate jobs for Americans all over the country. Confirming Loveman’s statement, Congressman Harry Reid told the Las Vegas Review Journal that the online poker market in American can expect a brighter future.

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Last month, President Obama constituted a super committee to devise ways to overcome the budget deficit for the next decade, and the super committee has suggested legalization and regulation of online poker as one way to raise part of $1.5 trillion required. This committee comprises 12 people who are all for the legalization and regulation of the online poker industry in the US.

On an estimate, people are spending over $6 billion on online poker games, and the US government is aware that it cannot just ignore that amount of money. Moreover, Black Friday and its consequences have proved to Uncle Sam beyond doubts that US players are determined to gamble irrespective of what the government does about it. Although the US federal government shut down Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars, and Absolute Poker, American poker players simply shifted to small, but trustworthy online poker rooms. Besides, many professional poker players decided to leave the US for countries friendlier to online poker.

Greg Gemignani, a lawyer based in Las Vegas, says that the super committee is seriously considering the legalization of online gambling. Republican Senator John Kyl, whose voice was once the loudest while opposing online gambling, now says that online gambling will definitely be legalized in the US.

Certain big land casino operators, who were once against the legalization of online poker, are now speaking in favor of legalization. Caesars Entertainment Group, which is now for the legalization of online gambling, is the owner of the World Series of Poker (WSOP); besides, they have already created an online poker room for the US online poker market.

Besides, lawmakers in Nevada are so sure that the federal government will legalize online poker that they have made major amendments to their gambling laws and will also organize a workshop on online gambling at the University of Nevada, Boyd Law School the following week. Besides, states such as California and New Jersey have also proposed bills to legalize online poker.

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