There has been a lot going on in regards to the online poker realm ever since the FBI decided to seize three of the world’s largest US poker sites under the charges of bank fraud, illegal gambling and money laundering. This has alarmed the entire industry, poker players and other associates who are allegedly associated with these US poker websites. To avoid the risk of facing the brunt of the entire controversy, some of the sports television channels that have been in association with these poker websites to air some of their game shows are now rethinking the entire situation.

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After the recent Black Friday incident and the ensuing chaos that has occurred in the poker industry involving seizing three of the world’s largest US poker entities, television channels in the US are playing it safe by maintaining a distance from the online poker sector. Television channels like FOX and ESPN which are renowned for their extensive range of poker shows have decided to cancel all such poker related shows and pull them off the air.

PokerStars’ Big Game and the Million Dollar used to telecast on FOX earlier; however, now both these shows will be taken off from the channel and will not be available to be viewed by poker players in the US. However, the show Big Game will still be available for viewing for the non-residents of the US and it can also be accessed on PokerStars’ exclusive online network.

In a statement disclosed by ESPN subsequent to the showdown in the poker industry earlier this month, it is quite evident that the channel will be attempting to eradicate all the shows, promotions and advertising related to online poker from both its television channel and website. Prior to the indictments, the network was about to telecast PokerStars’ North American Poker Tour, but after a lot of speculation following the incidents, they have unanimously agreed to cancel the show. As of now the good news for online poker players is that ESPN has decided to go ahead and showcase the World Series of Poker.

On the other hand, NBC and the Game show network have taken a different stand on the whole US online poker situation. The show Poker After Dark was telecast this weekend and it does seem like the show will not be taken off the air. Similarly, High Stakes Poker will continue to be aired on GSN. Hence, in spite of the recent indictments in the poker industry, online poker fans can still get a few good poker shows on television.

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